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How Does Marriage Affect Credit Score

Your Credit Records Remain Separate

Does Marriage Affect Your Credit Score? What Getting Married to Bad Credit/Good Credit Means To You

, which provide the data used to calculate credit scores, include your credit and payment history. They also include personal data, such as your birthdate and Social Security number.

But credit reports dont contain information about your marital status. And when you get married, your credit history stays separate, it doesnt get merged with your spouses.

Changing to a married name does not affect your credit, either credit records are identified first by your Social Security number, which doesnt change when you marry.

Buying A Home Together Can Be Tricky

Since credit histories for married couples arent combined, each partner will have to show his or her credit history when applying for a loan, such as a home mortgage.

This can get dicey if one person has a low credit score, since two incomes and two good credit scores are often needed to qualify for a mortgage loan. Underwriters will also want to know about both partners incomes to calculate debt-to-income ratios.

If you or your spouse has a bad credit score, you could pay higher interest rates and fees for a home loan.

Improving a partners credit score before applying for a home loan could increase your chances of approval.

Get A Handle On The Problem

First, your spouse should get a free copy of their credit report at That way, you can review it together and find out where they stand . Discuss what led to the problemfor example, a layoff, overspending, or not planning for emergencies. Its important to be open and nonjudgmental.

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How Your Spouses Credit Score Impacts Joint Purchases And Accounts

The Truth About How Marriage Affects Your Credit

Couples usually make joint financial decisions together when it comes to big-ticket items like mortgages, car loans, and personal loans. When you co-sign a loan with your partner, both of your credit scores will be weighed to determine the loan amount and interest.

If your partner has a history of missing or defaulting on payments, their credit score could drive down the qualifying loan amount and you may have to pay a higher interest rate on the loan you do receive. You can leave your spouse off a loan application if they have a low credit score, but by doing so and not including both of your incomes on the application, you could miss out on qualifying for the full line of credit that you need.

If one persons income is not sufficient, youll have to factor in both scores, says Megan McCoy, Ph.D., director for the personal financial planning masters program at Kansas State University.

Having everything in your spouses name can also be problematic if you happen to divorce. If your partner defaults on bills and your name is on the account, you could be solely responsible for these debts without the help of your partners income.

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Do I Have To Apply For New Credit With My Spouse

No, after you’re married there is no need to apply for credit with your spouse unless you want to.

Ulzheimer advocates for keeping your credit as independent as possible, even after you’re married. While you may be in a honeymoon phase after marriage, he points out that some percentage of marriages fail, and it can be hard to separate finances during a divorce.

“You don’t need two applicants to qualify for a credit card. And if you need two incomes to qualify for an auto loan then I’d suggest you’re buying too much car,” Ulzheimer says.

Situations where it can make sense to submit a joint application include those that need two incomes to qualify, such as a mortgage.

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Editorial Note:

Does Marriage Affect Your Credit Score

Tying the knot may be a life changing event, but it wont change your credit score. However, depending on your credit histories, it might impact your effort to get a joint credit card or mortgage together. Here are some important things to know before you walk down the aisle.

If youre planning on getting married, taking steps to protect your credit score could really pay off. That includes paying your bills on time, carefully managing your spending, and contacting lenders and service providers if you do run into trouble. That way, you could be better positioned to manage the uncertainty and build towards your long-term goals. Here are a few things you can do:

  • make a budget to know where you and your partner stand. Our Barclays Budget Planner can help
  • if you anticipate problems paying a credit card or loan, contact lenders right away to explore your options
  • if you think youll be late paying your phone, utilities or other service providers, contact them to discuss a possible arrangement

If youre worried about being affected by the current COVID-19 crisis, you can also find helpful advice at Barclays money management on how to manage during this period. If youre looking for financial help during the crisis, Coronavirus help and support has information that could be useful.

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How Does Marriage Affect Credit True Or False

Marriage may not directly affect your credit. But there are a few ways your new union, among other life events, can wind up affecting your personal credit scores. For instance: If you do elect to open a bunch of joint credit cards with your beloved, those accounts will appear on your credit reports and factor into your credit scores. Plus, as we alluded to earlier, there are ways your beloveds bad credit can come back to haunt you.

Say, for instance, you need to apply for a mortgage together, since both incomes must be factored into your debt-to-income ratio for you to qualify. Mortgage lenders are going to pull both of your credit scores. And your spouses less-than-stellar standing is probably going to net you a higher rate than you yourself otherwise would have qualified for. The effects could then become cyclical: A higher mortgage could make it harder to make your other loan payments on-time or require you to revolve higher balances on your credit cards which, yes, will hurt your credit. Thats why its important for married couples to be honest with each other about their credit standing and to work together to improve a partners bad credit score over-time.

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Can Your Spouses Bank Account Be Garnished For Your Debt

How Does Getting Married Affect Your Credit Score?

If youre the spouse with bad credit and your wages are garnished because of a court judgment, you may worry that your spouse will be affected.

In most cases, a judge will not allow the creditor to take money from your spouses bank account if the debt was solely yours. However, if you live in a community property state, then the court may allow the creditor to garnish from your bank account as well.

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So Does Getting Married Affect Your Credit Score

Overall, marriage wont affect your credit profile as much as you might think.

Still, its a good idea to have a few conversations about your credit histories as a couple before getting married.

A persons credit history tends to reflect the persons financial decisions, and these decisions can affect both partners going forward.

What Does Marriage Mean For Your Credit Score

At a glance

Getting married doesnt directly impact your credit score, but it may influence your finances in other ways that will affect it.

Instantly access your report and discover your credit score from all three credit bureaus.

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Do your spouses credit activities affect your own credit score? For that matter, will you even have an individual credit score anymore, or will you and your spouse have a joint score?

  • Will I share my spouses debt when we get married?
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    Making Sure Both Spouses Are Mortgage

    Since the main reason we received this question was because the couple plans to apply for a mortgage soon, we thought it would be helpful to provide some tips on how to make sure you both are mortgage-ready.

  • Download both spouses credit reports at com.
  • Review your reports for mistakes and errors particularly negative information that could decrease that spouses score.
  • If you find anything you think is incorrect, go through to correct them.
  • Also make sure to check your debt-to-income ratio. You will need a DTI of 41% or less with your new mortgage payments factored in to get approved.
  • Consolidated Credit also offers a free mortgage prequalification calculator that can help you see how much home you can really afford.

    Have a question about credit scores, homebuying or debt? Ask us to get an expert answer for free!

    Your Credit Accounts Will Be Joint After Marriage

    What Happens to Your Credit When You Get Married or Divorced?

    With that, most of the misconceptions people have about marriage and credit have been covered. Overall, marriage has no effect on your own credit score, regardless of how good or bad your partners score is. However, your partners poor score will affect purchases, accounts, and a few other things in your future together if making these decisions jointly.

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    You Dont Automatically Share Credit Cards

    Marriage also doesnt automatically give spouses the right to use each others credit cards. If you want to, you can become on each others cards exactly the way you would have before you were married the account holder adds the authorized user.

    If you each already have the same kind of credit card, no problem. You can both keep using them separately, or each can make the other an authorized user to strategize your spending for maximum rewards. You can also apply for the same rewards card and double your rewards if you think youll both qualify.

    What If You Live In A Community Property State

    Although joint credit reports do not exist, you may live in a state that holds both you and your spouse responsible for any debt you take out. Known as community property states, both spouses become responsible for any debt incurred when they are married. This is true even if the loan is in only one of your names.

    If you live in Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, or Wisconsin, both spouses have held equally responsible for any credit taken out while they are married. This is the case even if the other spouse doesnt know about the debt.

    The remaining states follow common-law rules allowing spouses to take out debt as individuals.

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    Monitor Your Credit For Free With Creditwise From Capital One

    Thereâs no doubt that marriage is life-changing. But one thing it doesnât change is how important it is to monitor your credit. It will help each of you know where you stand. And you can take steps to improve your credit scores if you need to.

    can help with that. You can access your TransUnion credit report and VantageScore® 3.0 credit score every week and monitor your credit with CreditWise. Itâs free for everyone, not just Capital One customers. And using it wonât hurt your score.

    You can also get free copies of your TransUnion, Experian and Equifax credit reports. Visit to learn how.

    Knowing whatâs in your credit reports and understanding how you can affect each otherâs credit can contribute to a solid financial foundation for your marriage. And that could help you and your loved one have the happily-ever-after you deserve.

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    Will My Spouse And I Have A Joint Credit Score

    Does a Joint Checking Account Affect Credit Score

    No, theres no such thing as a joint or spousal credit score. Both you and your spouse will retain your own individual credit histories and credit scores after you get married, and your credit scores wont be combined. 1

    Your marital status will not impact your credit score even if you:

  • Your credit score wont suffer if your spouse has a bad credit history. To reiterate, theres no such thing as a joint credit score, and neither your spouses credit history nor their credit score will show on your own credit report. 3
  • Change your name: Changing your name has no impact on your credit score, nor will it erase your credit history. Once youve legally changed your name, notify your creditors. They will then report to the three main credit bureaus so that your new name is updated on your credit file. 1
  • Move in with your spouse and change your address: Your address has no influence on your credit score. Its just an additional form of identification on your credit report. If you move in with your spouse, your lenders will report your new address to the credit bureaus, who will update it on your credit file. 4
  • Have errors on your credit report: If you or your spouse discovers an error on your credit report, it wont affect the other persons credit score. When you file a credit dispute, youll still need to do so individuallyjoint credit disputes dont exist any more than joint credit scores do, and you cant file a dispute on your spouses behalf.
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    Will Getting Married Affect Your Credit Score

    *Payment holidays are subject to individual eligibility criteria, suitability and terms and conditions. Interest in line with current rates will still be charged.

    Getting married wont affect your credit score. In fact, none of the UKs three leading credit rating agencies include marital status in their records. And there is no such thing as a couples credit score.

    However, your partners credit history can have an impact on your future together. Thats especially true if you decide to apply for a joint credit card or buy a house together

    So its crucial to know where each of you stands when it comes to money. That way, you can plan how to approach major financial decisions together.

    What If I Sign As A Guarantor Or Co

    You need to be very clear on what you are getting into. When you co-sign on a loan or a credit card, you take on legal responsibility for that account, and it appears as your obligation on your credit report. If your spouse misses payments or defaults on the loan, your credit reports will be affected and the creditor may require you to settle the debt.

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    Consider The Possibility Of Keeping Your Accounts As Separate As Possibleonce You Get Married

    This doesnt work for every couple, but obligating yourself to just your own separate accounts can make things cleaner in the event of a divorce, Droske said. This way, you wont have to worry about a partner failing to make a payment on a card thats under your name.

    Of course, there are some financial obligations that just might be harder to keep separate like a mortgage payment on a house . You may also consider a prenup so you can plan out how to divide obligations and assets in the event of a divorce. But if you and your partner prefer to combine all your finances, here are three important recommendations from a family wealth advisor that you might want to consider.

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    Changing Names Wont Change Scores

    Does Being Married Affect Your Credit Score?

    Changing your last name to match your spouses wont affect your credit score. Some married couples change or combine both their last names. This doesnt affect your credit profile either.

    Reporting the name change to creditors is important. Even if you dont report the name change, itll make its way onto your credit report sooner or later.

    But a name change wont mean starting a new credit history from scratch.

    Your old name will be listed as an alias, and your new name will be added to your report. This is why its important to report the change yourself. You want to make sure the credit bureaus get it right so you dont have extraneous aliases.

    But name change or no, youll still have your same old credit score upon marriage, for better or worse.

    Even in a joint or community property state, if your name isnt on an account, then activity on that account wont be reported on your credit report.

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