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How To Get Charge Offs Off Of Your Credit Report

Is A Charge Off Worse Than A Collection

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Charge offs and collections represent two types of derogatory accounts that can appear on a credit report. According to FICO, both charge offs and collections are likely to have a serious negative affect on your fico scores.;

But is a charge off worse than being referred to a collections agency from a credit scoring standpoint, or vice versa? The answer depends on several factors.;

The Credit Repair Option

Another option is to work with a legitimate company to try to get charge-offs or other negative information removed from your credit file. While this can save you time, there’s typically a fee involved, and in most cases, the credit repair company can’t do anything for you that you couldn’t do by yourself.

Worse, some credit repair companies are just thinly disguised scams whose only goal is to defraud people who need credit help.;

Pay For Delete Agreement

One way is by negotiating a pay for delete with the original creditor. With the pay for delete method, you convince your creditor to remove the charge-off from your credit report in exchange for payment. They may even be willing to report the account as paid in full. Of course, the pay for delete method only works for;unpaid charge-offs.

Many times creditors do not want to bother with this. Chances are theyve already sent the account to a collection agency, but sometimes they are willing to negotiate. While you can negotiate over the phone, its always best to get the agreement in writing before sending payment.

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Determine The Details Of The Debt

First, youll need to collect all the charge-off debt details. This includes who owns the debt, how much it is and how old it is. Youll need to negotiate with the entity that owns the debt. If your debt has been passed on to a collection agency, you wont be able to negotiate with the original lender.

How To Avoid A Charge

Charge off_ How to get one removed from your credit ...

Knowing the timing of a charge-off puts you in a better position to avoid such a serious delinquency. With each missed payment it gets harder to catch up again with fees and interest added to your balance due. If you fall behind, get caught up on any missed payments as quickly as possible.

If you foresee problems making your credit card payment, contact your credit card issuer sooner rather than later. You may be able to make a payment arrangement that would allow you to;avoid a charge-off. Or, if you’re having financial trouble, your credit card issuer may allow you to enter a hardship payment plan with reduced monthly payments.

Do You Still Owe Money On A Charge Off

Your creditor may have given up on getting the money back from you, but that doesnt mean you dont owe it.

The debt will report on your credit report as a charge off and outstanding balance, neither of which helps your credit score. If they sold your account to a collection agency, it would show up on your credit report as such.

The first thing you should do is get a FREE copy of your credit report and verify it is actually showing up as a charge off.

But if the creditor did not sell it , it will still show up as outstanding, and the creditor can bring judgment against you to get the money back.

Hire A Professional To Remove A Charge

One way to try to get a charge-off removed is by having a credit repair company do the work for you. Credit repair companies go through the necessary steps of contacting the credit bureaus on your behalf to have the account removed.

Two of the best companies offering this type of service are Lexington Law and .

These companies charge you a fee to remove negative credit items, including charge-offs. You still have to pay the fee regardless of the results, but most reputable companies guarantee that theyll perform certain services for you.

There is a lot of work involved in getting a charge-off deleted from your credit reports and it helps to have experience and legal expertise on your side. It also saves you a lot of time throughout the process.

Can Credit Repair Companies Remove Charge

Only the credit bureaus have the power to remove something from your credit report. Not even your creditors have direct access to your credit file.

But reputable credit repair companies can help you exercise your consumer rights. They can also help you prepare and submit disputes.

If you direct a credit repair company to dispute an item on your credit report and your creditor cant verify that its 100% accurate, it must be erased from your report. A charge-off isnt allowed to remain on your report if its incorrect, outdated, or unverifiable.

The FCRA gives you the right to ask the credit bureaus to verify any item on your credit report. You also have the right to manage this dispute process on your own. But if youre busy or overwhelmed by the process, you can hire a professional to deal with the credit bureaus and your creditors on your behalf. You dont have to face credit problems alone.

What Is A Charge Off


When you borrow money from the original creditor, you promise to repay the debt, plus interest and fees, at a certain amount per month. If you miss a payment, the credit card issuer may report you as late to the credit bureaus. Miss enough payments and that same creditor could opt to charge off your account.

The term charge off describes a debt on which youve fallen so far behind that the creditor no longer believes you will pay it back. So, the creditor writes the account off as a loss for accounting and tax purposes.;

A charge off, despite how it sounds, isnt the same as debt forgiveness. If the debt is legitimate, you still owe the money you borrowed plus any interest and fees you agreed to pay.;

How Credit Repair Works

Though numerous companies claim they can clean up bad credit reports, correcting erroneous information that may appear on takes time and effort. The details cited to credit reporting agencies cannot be removed by a third party. Rather the details, if misrepresented or inaccurate, can be disputed. Credit repair companies may investigate such information, but so can the individual the report is assessing. Individuals are entitled to free credit reports every 12 months from credit reporting agencies, as well as when an adverse action is taken against them, such as being denied credit based on information in the report.

Disputes may be filed when incomplete or inaccurate information appears on their credit reports. Aside from correcting such information, or catching fraudulent transactions on ones credit, rebuilding and repairing credit can rest more heavily on credit usage and credit activity.

What It Means What You Can Do About It And How It Affects Your Credit

Charge-offs typically dont happen until your payments are severely late.

Making payments late or missing payments completely spells bad news for your credit rating. When you miss too many payments, your creditor may charge off the debt. When your debt is charged off as a bad debt, dont fool yourself into thinking it goes away.

A charged-off debt can lead to harassing phone calls at home and work, garnished wages and a major drop in your;credit score. Understanding what charged off as bad debt means and the impact it has on your credit report helps you get your credit back on track.

What is a charge-off?

A charge-off occurs when you dont pay the full minimum payment on a debt for several months and your creditor writes it off as a bad debt. Basically, it means the company has given up hope that youll pay back the money you borrowed and considers the debt a loss on their profit-and-loss statement. The creditor closes your account, which could be a personal loan, credit card, revolving charge account or another debt youve failed to pay as promised, and its charged off as a bad debt.

Does charged off mean your debt is paid off?

Charged off doesnt mean your debt is forgiven. Dont be misled into believing that because the creditor wrote off your balance you no longer need to pay the debt. As long as your charge-off remains unpaid, youre still legally obligated to pay back the amount you owe.

How soon will a charge-off happen?
How do you avoid charge-offs?

Obtain A Copy Of Your Three Credit Reports

Youre entitled to get a free credit report from each of the three big credit reporting agencies every 12 months.

If you are lucky enough to live in the state of Georgia you can get 2 copies per year.;

You can get a copy of your credit report from

If youve already requested your free copy and you want another copy within 12 months, you can be charged up to $12.50.

You may also want to check your credit score, which is different than your credit report.

Your credit score takes the information on your credit report and applies a numeric score depicting your credit worthiness.

A higher number means you have better credit and a lower number means you have worse credit.

If you want to check your credit score, you can buy your FICO credit score using

Beware Of This Credit Repair Strategy When It Comes To Collections And Charge

How To Dispute Charge Offs From Your Credit Report

There are many so-called “credit repair” companies that essentially tell you to abuse this dispute process. In a nutshell, they instruct you to send letters to the three major credit bureaus disputing the legitimacy of every negative item on your credit report — late payments, collections, charge-offs, judgements, you name it.

To be fair, creditors often don’t verify the information within the 30-day window, and it is indeed removed, resulting in a credit score bump — at least temporarily. However, there are some key problems with this strategy:

If I Can’t Get It Removed Will A Charge

Lenders and collection agencies are required to report the original date of the delinquency. This is the time that the seven-year timeframe starts. If you enter into a payment plan later or pay it off entirely, the clock doesn’t restart from that original date. The status will be updated once it’s paid off and won’t look as bad, but it will remain on the report.

How To Remove Items From Your Credit Report In 2021

Weve outlined how to remove negative items from your credit report, the paid services you can opt to use, and additional information to have on hand. It is important to clarify that only incorrect items can be removed. If youve done this already, but your credit score is still low, you will need to repair bad credit over time. Although accurate items cannot be removed by you or anyone else, there are still many credit report errors that can damage your score, and these are worth looking out for.

You Arent Sure You Owe The Amount Listed On The Charge

Sometimes a collection agency will try to tack on bogus fees and interest. Unless the agreement you signed with the original creditor stipulates that a third-party debt collector can add their own fees and interest, they cannot do this.

It is also possible that you paid off the balance, but due to an error in the system, your account was flagged as a charge-off. If you have any proof that the balance was paid, you absolutely should not pay it.

However, even if you dont have proof, having the debt verified may still work in your favor. A professional credit repair specialist will be able to advise you on the best course of action if you arent sure how to proceed.

The Balance Of The Account

How To Remove Charge Offs From Credit Report

The information on a credit report is broken up into different sections. When you review your credit report, youll usually find charged off accounts in the credit accounts section. This section may go by a different name, but it will contain details about your current and closed accounts.;

Because of the way a charged off account appears on credit history, it might show that you owe a past-due balance to a credit card company. Past due balances are negative factors in terms of credit scoring.;

A debt collection agency, by comparison, does not list past-due balances. And the balance of the collection account itself is not considered by many scoring models. The fact that your account was turned over to a debt collector is what hurts your score.;

The balance on a collection tends to be largely irrelevant. So, if you have a charge-off with a past-due balance on your credit report, it could potentially be worse for your score than a collection .;

Tips For Managing Debt

  • Be sure to make payments on time and in full as much as possible. That way, you dont add on more and more to what you owe. If you need help making a payment plan, online debt calculators can lead you in the right direction
  • If youve not yet reached a charge-off, you may want to look into a balance transfer card. This allows you to transfer a loan balance to the card that has a time period where you can pay off your debts without a hefty interest rate.

How Long Do Charge

A charge-off will remain on your credit report for seven years, and then its automatically deleted. For example, if you stopped making payments on one of your credit cards for six months, and it was marked as a charge-off on January 1, 2020, it would remain on your credit report until January 1, 2027.

Even if the statute of limitations on the debt expires after three or five years in your state, your credit report will still show the charge-off, and your credit score will suffer. Statutes of limitations protect you from legal action but not from bad credit or from phone calls from debt collectors.

When Removing A Charge

If you’ve tried to negotiate with a creditor for the removal of a charge-off but hit a dead end, your only option may be to simply wait it out until the seven-year mark passes. Once that period is up, the charge-off will fall off your credit report naturally and no longer be included in your credit score calculations.;

Again, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore the debt altogether. You’re still legally obligated to pay it. At some point, however, the statute of limitations on the debt may expire. When that occurs, debt collectors can no longer sue you to recover the money. The statute of limitations for different types of debt varies from state to state.

File A Formal Dispute With The Credit Bureaus

How To Get A Charge

If its an error, dispute it as such. But what if the charge-off doesnt belong to you? Simply dispute it using the information found here . Problem solved.

You can also give a formal dispute a shot if the debt has been passed from collection agency to collection agency and you feel theres a chance they dont have the proper documentation to prove you actually owe it.

To Qualify For A Home Loan

It is fairly common practice in the mortgage industry to require that all outstanding debt be cleared before a loan can be approved. This includes late payments, judgments, liens, and charge-offs as well.

If the charge-off is old, you may be able to negotiate a partial payment to get the debt settled. However, always verify with the lender if a partial payment is enough to satisfy their lending requirements.

How To Get A Charge

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A charge off on your credit report leads to a HUGE drop in your credit score. Some experts say that if you remove a recent charge off from your credit report, you can see an INCREASE in your credit score of up to 150 points!

If you dont know what a charge-off is, its what happens when a lender has exhausted all means of collecting the debt from you. Your debt is written off as a loss in the creditors accounting book. The creditor will close the account and while they report it as a charged-off account to the credit reporting agencies. ;They may also sell the account to a collection agency, who will then put this account on your credit report as a collection. ;THUS causing your credit score to drop even more.

Though, the status Charged off sounds like youre getting rid of the debt you owe. ;As long as the charge-off isnt paid, the creditor can continue and try to collect on the account as well as having the right to sue you, until the statute of limitations runs out. By the time your debt is charged off, your credit score has already taken considerable damage. ;The account would have been reported as 30 days, then 60 days, 90 days, and more than 120 days late.; And even If you somehow manage to pay off the charge-off, your bad credit score wont improve if you dont take a few steps first.

Difference Between A Charge

Most people are familiar with debt collections, which is related to charge-offs, but is not the same thing. In short, debt collection happens after your account has already been charged-off.

Debt collections differ from charge-offs in that the original lender has sold the debt to a third-party agency to collect the debt from the borrower, says Annette Harris, founder of Harris Financial Coaching. When your debt gets sent to collections, it means the debt is no longer able to be settled with the original lender, she says.

When your debt is charged-off, its considered bad debt. Your lending company can sell your unpaid debt to a collection agency or a private debt collector to recoup the money they have lost on your loan.

Once your debt has been sent to collections, the agency will attempt to get the money back from you, just as your original lender did. The difference is, if you choose to ignore the debt collector, they can file a lawsuit and take you to court. If you still refuse to pay, the court can legally seize your assets, like your house or savings account, as a form of repayment.

Not only can debt collectors take legal action against you, but having your debt sent to collections can potentially ruin your credit. If you repay the debt after it goes to collections, the collections account, too, will remain on your credit report for seven years.


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