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Can You Have A Credit Score Without A Credit Card

Ways To Establish Credit With No Credit History

Max Credit Cards You Can Have Without Harming Credit Score

Its hard to imagine any consumer being invisible in the digital world of the 21st century, but there are 26 million credit invisibles in America, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau .

Consumers with no credit history never used a credit card, havent had a car loan, never paid a mortgage are tagged as credit invisible by the three major reporting bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

If you have occasionally used some form of credit probably a credit card, but possibly paid off a loan of some sort years ago you are considered credit unscorable because there is not enough information to generate a credit score. The CFPB says 19 million consumers are in the unscorable category.

You dont want to be in either of those brackets, but to escape, youre going to need a credit history. The credit bureaus want to see how you use credit and whether you pay it back if you use a credit card or take out a loan.

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If building up your credit score feels like an impossible task, our tailored Coaching plans can help you get your finances and credit score into shape. Coaching is free and easy to use – and one plan only takes around 5 minutes.

You’ll be offered a plan tailored to your credit profile, and at the end of the session you’ll be given a personalised to do list that you can go through in your own time.

Living Without A Credit Score

7 Minute Read | September 15, 2021

Picture this: Youre on the hunt for a new-to-you car. You walk into the dealership only to hear Billy Bob say those dreaded few words: Let me pull your credit report. Sound familiar? Of course it does!

Instead, picture yourself walking into that same dealership with your head held high, pockets full of cash. When Billy Bob mentions checking your credit, you respond confidently, No need, Im paying in cash. Yeah, you are . . . because youre living without credit.

This dream can be your reality! Seriously, have you ever stopped to consider what life could look like if your major life decisions didnt revolve around your credit score?

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Secured Sable One Credit Card

  • Earn 2% cash back cash back on everyday purchases at Amazon, Uber, UberEats, Wholefoods Netflix, Spotify, and more! Plus, earn 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • No credit check or US credit history required
  • No SSN required for non US citizens
  • Build US credit history from day 1 at major credit bureaus
  • Get unsecured in as little as 4 months
  • No annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, no minimum security deposit
  • Premium benefits like coverage in the event your covered cell phone is stolen or damaged , rental car insurance, and much more!

Here Are Some Of The Best Store Credit Cards For No Credit:

Can You have a Credit Score without a Credit Card ...
  • Fingerhut Credit Account: $0 annual fee and $0 monthly fees. One-time fee: None. Reports to all three major credit bureaus. Can only be used at Fingerhut.
  • Montgomery Ward Credit Account: $0 annual fee. Although it only works for Montgomery Ward purchases online or through the companys catalogue, the Montgomery Ward Credit reports to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis.
  • : $39 – $99 annual fee. 2% cash back at the NASCAR Shop and 1% back on eligible gas and automotive purchases. Can be used anywhere VISA cards are accepted. This card reports to the major credit bureaus monthly.
  • Harley-Davidson® Secured Credit Card: $0 annual fee. 1 point per $1 spent on all purchases. $300 deposit required to open account. Can be used anywhere VISA cards are accepted. It reports to credit bureaus on a monthly basis.

If you cant find a suitable store credit card for no credit, consider a normal credit card designed for people with limited or no credit history.

The best Discover card for no credit is the Discover it® Secured Credit Card credit card because it gives 2% cash back on up to $1,000 spent per quarter at gas stations and restaurants, 1% cash back on all other purchases, and a cash back bonus matching the amount you earn during your first year.

Here are the best Discover cards for no credit history:

Heres what it means to have no credit score:

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Pay Installment Loans On Time

You may already have at least one type of installment loan unknowingly, whether it’s a student loan, personal loan, auto loan or mortgage. And if you don’t already have one of these loans in your name, they are common for people to get in the early stages of adulthood, sometimes even earlier.

While federal student loans are relatively easy to open without a credit score, you may need a cosigner with a more established score, like a parent or family member, to open an auto loan.

These installment loans all factor into your credit score, so its important to consistently make on-time payments. You can establish a good credit score when you pay your loan on time and in full every month.

Someone Stole Your Identity

If you find accounts that dont belong to you, dispute them.

Know that issuers are required by law to provide you with reasons why you were denied credit. If you were rejected due to high credit utilization, too many accounts or accounts in arrears, its time to check your credit report for potential fraud if you know that none of those behaviors can be attributed to you.

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More Useful Tips If You Have No Credit History

Once you’re approved for a credit card, use it responsibly so that you can qualify for better credit cards and loans in the future. Maintain a low balance and try to pay it in full every month to build a good credit history. Also, keep these other pointers in mind:

  • Don’t give up if you don’t have any previous credit history. Talk to lenders and ask if they have other ways to qualify you for a credit card. Some lenders will consider payment history from rental or utility records, and you won’t know until you ask.
  • Avoid submitting a lot of credit card applications. If youre turned down for a major credit card, even if its a student credit card, dont keep applying. Instead, look for a store credit card or a secured credit card. Choose these credit cards ahead of time so that youre not desperately searching for a credit card that will approve you.
  • Watch out for any credit card that guarantees approval without first checking your credit score. Theres probably a catch in the form of high fees or a high-interest rate or both.

How To Qualify For New Credit With No Credit Score

How to Raise Your Credit Score Without a Credit Card

It’s the ultimate Catch-22: You can’t get credit if you don’t have a credit score, but you can’t get a credit score if you have no credit. There is some good news, though. While qualifying for new credit without any credit history or credit scores can be difficult, it is not impossible. There are ways to access credit while you are just starting on your credit journey.

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Pay Utilities On Time

A simple way how to build up credit would be just to pay your bills diligently every month. Your credit score will get damaged when you are inconsistent and have bad habits when paying your bills. Paying on time is a factor that contributes greatly towards your credit score.

Do not forget that even items that you would not normally associate with credit reporting can be just as important, such as library books. Libraries can phone the credit bureaus for any unpaid bills and the bureaus can add that to your credit report. You would not want that to affect your credit score.

If you struggle to keep up with due dates every month, you can set up automatic payments through your bank account. This will help you not to fall behind on payments. Even scheduling a monthly reminder on your phone should work, as long as you get that reminder to pay your bills!

Check With Your Utility Company

The majority of utility providers only report derogatory information to the credit bureaus, but if you live in Detroit and you pay your bills on time, youre in luck. DTE Energy reports all payment histories, both positive and negative. Customers who pay their bills on time benefit from responsible management of this household expense.

Not in Detroit? Contact your utility provider to find out if it reports to the credit bureaus, and if so, put the bill in your name. If not, you can still use the positive payment history to your advantage. Most utility providers are happy to provide a letter of reference for an account holder in good standing.

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Practice Good Credit Habits

Building a good credit score takes time;and a history;of on-time payments.

To have a;FICO score, you need at least one account thats been open six months or longer;and at least one creditor reporting your activity to the credit bureaus in the past six months. A;VantageScore, from FICO’s biggest competitor, can be generated more quickly.

Practice these good credit habits to build your score:

No Credit Score Doesnt Mean A Zero Credit Score

The Best Advice You Can Hear When You Have Poor Credit ...

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The most frustrating thing about credit might be the chicken-and-egg problem of establishing it: Nobody wants to give you credit when you dont have a track record of using credit.

But if youve never had credit and dont have a credit score, that doesnt mean you have a zero credit score. You have the absence of a score: Youre credit invisible.

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Who Creates Your Credit Report And Credit Score

There are two main credit bureaus in Canada:

  • Equifax

These are private companies that collect, store and share information about how you use credit.

Equifax and TransUnion only collect information from creditors about your financial experiences in Canada.

Some financial institutions may be willing to recognize a credit history outside Canada if you ask them. This may involve extra steps. For example, you may request a copy of your credit report in the other country and meet with your local branch officer.

Get Credit For Your Rent

If youre a renter with a history of positive payments, you may want to use a service like Rental Kharma or Rent Reporters that reports your credit information to the credit bureaus. These services typically require verification with your landlord and charge a registration and monthly fee. Rental Kharma has a one-time $50 account setup fee and $8.95 monthly fee, while Rent Reporters charges a one-time $94.95, then a $9.95 monthly fee.

Before you sign up for a service, check with your landlord to see if they already report your payments to the credit bureaus. This can help you save money, while potentially raising your credit score.

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Checking A Credit History Without Ssn

It is very important to check your credit history frequently. Your credit report contains very sensitive and important information such as your birth date, address, name and personal credit accounts.

With the amount of cyber theft that is increasing in this modern age, that information is exactly what identity thieves need access to.

When checking your credit report and your credit history frequently, you might be able to track any suspicious or unauthorized activity happening on your account. It also helps you to see which areas of your credit report are inaccurate, outdated or incorrect. Remember, this is the information passed on to lenders and banks, and it influences all your credit applications.

There are some credit monitoring services that you can use to check your credit score, but usually, you will need to slot in your SSN and you will need to pay a small fee.

There are, however, some ways to check your credit history without SSN:

  • You can use FICO, a scoring model a lot of lenders use, to make an estimation of your credit score. FICO offers a free FICO score estimator which gives you an estimation after you have answered a few questions.
  • You can use the factors determining your credit score and the weight that each of them carries towards making up your score. You can find the exact weightings and factors used in the FICO model here.
  • You can compare your estimated credit score to the of your credit. Your credit score can range from 300 to 850.

Ask Companies To Report On Your Behalf

How to Get a Credit Card If You Have No Credit History

Do you have any recurring bills you pay on a monthly basis, such as for rent, utilities, cable or a cellphone? Give the providers a call and request they report your account activity to the three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

Do this only if you have responsible payment habits, as payment history accounts for 35 percent of your credit FICO score, the most commonly used credit score. This history can have a significant impact on your score if there is not a lot of other data in your credit report.

Companies are not obligated to report to the bureaus, and your request is simply a favor that they have the right to deny. But with any luck, they will agree to your request.

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Conditions That Might Cause Your Application To Be Declined

When assessing your ability to pay back debt, Goldman Sachs1;looks at multiple conditions before making a decision on your Apple Card application.

If any of the following conditions apply, Goldman Sachs;might not be able to approve your Apple Card application.

If you’re behind on debt obligations4 or have previously been behind

  • You are currently past due or have recently been past due on a debt obligation.
  • Your checking account was closed by a bank .
  • You have two or more non-medical debt obligations;that are recently past due.

If you have negative public records

  • A tax lien was placed on your assets .
  • A judgement was passed against you .
  • You have had a recent bankruptcy.
  • Your property has been recently repossessed.

If you’re heavily in debt or your income is insufficient to make debt payments

  • You don’t have sufficient disposable income after you pay existing debt obligations.
  • Your debt obligations represent a high percentage of your monthly income .
  • You have fully utilized all of your credit card lines in the last three months and have recently opened a significant amount of new credit accounts.

If you frequently apply for credit cards or loans

  • You have a high number of recent applications for credit.

If your credit score is low

Goldman Sachs uses TransUnion and other credit bureaus;to evaluate your Apple Card application. If your credit score is low ,4;Goldman Sachs;might not be able to approve your Apple Card application.

Why You Dont Have A Credit Score

No one has a credit score of zero, no matter how badly they have mishandled credit in the past.

The most widely used credit scores, FICO and VantageScore, are on a range from 300 to 850. As of April 2021, only 3% of consumers had a FICO 8 score below 500.; Tommy Lee, principal scientist at FICO, said scores of 300 are “extremely rare.”

Reasons you might not have a score are:

  • Youve never been listed on a credit account.

  • You havent used credit in at least six months.

  • You have only recently applied for credit or been added to an account.

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How To Build Your Credit Without A Credit Card

Still, when it comes to credit, everyone starts with the same clean slate. Although there are many different strategies to get there, we all have to build our credit from scratch at some point in our lives. And while;using;a credit card responsibly is a great way to build or improve your credit, its;far from the only method that works.

Here are five;ways to build your credit history and improve your score without getting a credit card.

Important Disclosures And Information

Whatâs a good credit score? Depends on your age

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How Does Creditcom Get My Credit Score

Okay, weve established that provides your credit score and credit report card completely free of charge. But how exactly do we get your credit score? It comes directly from Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus, and is updated every 14 days. Not only that, but youll get access to your credit report card. Itll dig into the five factors that affect your credit scorepayment history, credit utilization, credit age, new credit inquiries and account mixand give you a personalized action plan to help you reach your credit and financial goals.


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