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How To Get Comcast Collection Removed From Credit Report

How Does Comcast Collection Work

How To Remove All Collections from your credit report

Comcast Collections operates in the same fashion as any other debt collector, except they do not buy debt from third parties. Instead, it is entirely in-house, and they only collect debt from their own customers.

So, if you miss a payment or let a Comcast bill slip through the cracks, you can expect a letter in the mail and a phone call from Comcast Collections.

Can Paid Collections Be Removed From Your Report

Yes, particularly if there is faulty or inaccurate information in the collection item on your report. This process would work just the same as any other dispute you might file.

If the information reported for your collection account is accurate, you could instead write a Goodwill Letter to the original creditor requesting their consideration for removal of the item from your report.

Requesting removal of a legitimate negative item from your credit report does not necessarily fall within the rules laid out by the FCRA. But, by paying off the collection account & proving your credit worthiness, the creditor may consider removing the account from your report out of goodwill .

Insist That Every Communication Should Be In Writing

This is the first step you need to take note of when dealing with the Comcast collection. For those who dont know, youve got a right to decide the method of communication from debt collectors according to FDCPA law. So, you can request that all communications will strictly be written. If they object, make them know youre not ignorant of your right and they wont have any other reason than to obey the law. Also, you still have an option to file a complaint. Channel it to CFPB .

In short, youll have an upper hand in this situation when you mention laws by FDCPA or making a complaint to CFPB. It also implies youre set a standard on how Comcast should pass information across to you going forward. The importance of insisting on written communication is that the Collection department has a history of making empty promises during phone conversations. But they cant deny it when it is written down. So, its left for you to insist so when things go sideways, youll have a piece of evidence to show.

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How Much Will My Credit Score Increase If A Negative Item Is Removed

This can depend on what the negative item or derogatory mark is, whether its a late payment or something else. A negative item can continue to affect your credit score for up to 7 years, even after its removed. The best thing you can do to repair your score is to take steps to build your credit back up.

The Truth: Should You Never Pay A Debt Collection Agency

How To Remove Comcast Collections From Your Credit Report

George Simons

Summary: When a collector contacts you, respond with a debt validation letter. You may not want to pay a collector if you will never have any income or assets, if you don’t owe the debt, if you want to settle for less, if the statute of limitations has expired, or if the collector doesn’t own the debt.

You’ve heard that you should never pay a debt collection agency, and now you want the truth. What happens if you never pay collections? Should you pay the debt collector or the original creditor?

Debt collection agencies can employ a variety of shifty tactics. They may start with harassing phone calls and escalate from there. But depending on your situation, you may never need to pay a debt collector. Not sure where to begin? SoloSuit can help.

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Who Is Comcast Collections

Comcast is a telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Xfinity is the trade name of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC that offers cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services. You may still see Comcast listed on your credit report as a collections account. This can happen if you forgot to pay a bill and your Comcast account was sent to a debt collector.

If you need help getting Comcast/Xfinity collections off of your credit report, then keep reading! Weve outlined the steps you should take to permanently remove them from your credit report.

Choose Your Plan Of Action

There are a few ways to handle a collection account on your credit reports.

  • If the collection account is inaccurate, dispute it with each credit bureau thats reporting it. The consumer credit bureaus let you file disputes online for convenience. You can also dispute inaccuracies with debt collectors and creditors themselves, though these disputes will typically have to be by phone or mail. In this case, consider sending a 609 dispute letter via certified mail.
  • If the account is legitimate but has been paid, contact the collection agency to request a goodwill deletion. This literally involves asking for the account to be removed because you paid it. Its probably not going to work, but its worth a shot. A goodwill adjustment may be more viable if you havent made any other credit blunders in the past.
  • Just wait. A collection can usually only remain on your reports for about seven years after the account became delinquent, even if its unpaid, and its impact on your scores will dissipate over time.
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    What To Do If The Debt Is Yours

    If you go through the debt validation process and discover that the debt is yours, then it will be more difficult to have the entry removed.

    The best way to go about handling this is to contact a professional credit repair company. They have deleted millions of negative items from companies like Comcast Collections for millions of clients nationwide.

    However, you can also try to negotiate a pay-for-delete agreement with Comcast on your own.

    What Is Considered A Low Credit Score

    How To Remove Collection From A Credit Report

    Whats considered a bad or low credit score can depend on what scoring model you or your credit bureau is using.

    The VantageScore® model is based on a range of 300 850, where anything below 661 is considered bad.

    The FICO® model uses a range of 280 850, with bad scores being any under 670.

    For the most part, lenders will look at your FICO® Score when considering your approval for a loan.

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    Negotiate A Settlement With Comcast

    If you are outside the 30-day window, the next thing you can do is to negotiate a pay-for-delete with Comcast Corporation.

    To do this, write a letter to Comcast stating that you are willing to pay off the debt, but in exchange, you want the entry deleted from your credit report. If Comcast Collections agrees, make sure both parties sign a contract. Why?

    This leaves a paper trail, and binds Comcast to the agreement. This protects you and ensures they actually remove the collection. And a signed contract will bolster your case if you have to elevate the situation to the credit bureaus.


    Comcast Cable Communications Complaints

    Most collection agencies have numerous complaints filed against them with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Better Business Bureau . Most complaints are about inaccurate reporting, harassment, or failure to verify a debt. If you find yourself facing any of these situations with a debt collection agency, you should also consider filing a complaint.

    You have many consumer rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act . Lexington Law knows that you have rights, and Comcast does too.

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    Can Paying Off Collections Raise My Credit Score Or Remove It From My Credit Report

    Paying off a collections account alone typically does not raise your score and does not automatically remove it from your credit report. In fact, paying off a collection account doesnt normally change how fast it comes off your credit report.

    A paid collections account will typically stay on your credit report for seven years from the date the account was first reported past due. As long as it remains on your report, it will have a negative impact on your score. The severity of its impact lessens over time until it finally falls off after about seven years.

    How To Remove Comcast Collections From Your Credit Report

    How to Remove Collection Accounts from Your Credit Report ...

    Have you gotten phone calls or letters in the mail from Comcast Collections?

    If so, you most likely have an old Comcast bill you forgot to pay when you canceled the service.

    Or maybe you got behind on payments and Comcast cut your service. Or maybe you never paid off that dial-up modem you rented back in 1998.

    Whatever the case, a Comcast collection account can hurt your credit score unless you deal directly with this debt collector.

    Even if your Comcast bill has been charged off you still need to resolve this problem.

    Comcast Collections is not a scam. If youre getting these calls, you need to take action.

    Unless you remove this negative entry from your credit report, your credit score could suffer for years.

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    Next Steps: What To Do If Theres An Account You Dont Recognize On Your Credit Reports

    Finding out that you have an account in collections could be an unwelcome surprise. If the debt is legitimate, it will take seven years, plus 180 days from whenever you missed your first payment, for the derogatory mark to fall off your reports. But there are steps you can take to build your credit back up.

    If the debt isnt legitimate, youll want to keep a close eye on your credit. To help spot potential identity theft early and flag other mistakes, its a good idea to check your credit reports regularly. You can periodically access free credit reports on

  • Quick Tips for Your Credit Health
  • Can You Remove A Collection From Your Credit Reports Without Paying

    Technically, the answer is yes. Its unlikely, though.

    There are a few ways you could try. Theyre essentially the same steps youd take to request a paid account be removed:

    • File a dispute with the credit bureau and/or ask the collection agency to validate the debt if you believe the collection account is inaccurate.
    • If the account is legitimate but youve paid some of it and/or have exhibited responsible behavior otherwise, send the collection agency a goodwill letter requesting the unpaid collection be removed from your reports.

    If the above routes fail, youre probably out of luck. And remember that even if a collection account is removed from your credit reports, youre still liable for the debt.

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    Why Pay For Delete Is Becoming Outdated

    Paid collections accounts are ignored with the latest credit scoring models, FICO 9 and VantageScore 3.0. While the account is still on your credit report, its doing less damage than if you didnt pay the account.

    This means that the new credit reporting formulas are practically doing the work of a pay for delete agreement for you. You can save yourself the trouble of negotiating such an arrangement by resolving the collections accounts. You have a few options to pay off a debt in collections.

    Heres a big catch: Most creditors are still using older versions of FICO. While FICO 8 ignores collections under $100, the version used by mortgage lenders still counts all collections accounts.

    For now, most collections accounts can linger on your credit reports for up to seven years from the time the debt originally became delinquent, or more than 30 days past due. If you pay off an account in collections, it will still appear on your credit reports as a paid collection.

    And pay for delete wont remove the negative information reported by the original creditor, such as late payments.

    About the author:Sean Pyles is a debt writer at NerdWallet whose work has appeared in The New York Times, USA Today and elsewhere. Read more

    How Does A Collection Affect Your Credit Score

    How to Remove Collections From a Credit Report for Good? Follow My Step-by-Step Process!

    Once a debt turns into a collection account and gets logged on your credit report, you will see a significant drop in your .

    If you didnt have any other negative items on your credit report, this drop could be north of 100 points.

    How far your credit score falls largely depends on how bad it was, to begin with.

    In other words, a single collection account wont be a huge deal to someone who already has multiple delinquent accounts and a consistent string of late or missed payments, even on their up-to-date accounts. This person already had bad credit.

    But if youve established a long history of making on-time payments, keeping a healthy credit utilization ratio, and maintaining a blend of different types of credit, a collection account will make a huge negative mark.

    As the collection account ages, its impact on your credit score will lessen. But this wont help if you need new credit this month.

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    Will Paying Off The Collection Account Improve Your Credit Score

    Unfortunately, your credit score may not increase until the collection comes off your report after 7 years. Once a collection is on your report, the damage to your score has been done.

    There are some reported scenarios, including the one reported in this article, where an individuals credit score has increased after paying off their collection account and before the item fell off their report. However, its generally not advised to count on a score increase after pay off.

    Removal of the collection from your report should be the ultimate goal if youre looking to increase your credit score. You can dispute the collection if there is any inaccurate or incorrect information in the item. Alternatively, paying off your collection first and then requesting removal from the original creditor could potentially result in removal, which should lead to a positive impact on your score.

    Gethuman5247620’s Customer Service Issue With Comcast From September 2020

    First: share to improve GetHuman5247620’s odds
    Before contacting them, items GetHuman5247620 may need:
    The issue in GetHuman5247620’s own words

    GetHuman5247620 did not yet indicate what Comcast should do to make this right.

    How GetHuman5247620 fixed the problem

    We are waiting for GetHuman5247620 to fix the problem and share the solution with the rest of us customers.

    Prefer a step by step guide?

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    Re: Comcast Collections Disputed Removed Then Added Again To Credit Report After 1 Month

    A debt collector is entitled to report the fact that they have or had collection authority, based either on their assignment of that authority or by their ownership of the debt.

    Paying the OC does not negate the fact that the debt collector had legitimate collection authority.

    While many debt collectors will no longer see any business purpose in reporting for the first time that they had collection authority after the debt is paid, there is no prohibition against them doing so.

    CRA policy instructs debt collectors not to delete based on payment of the debt.

    The CRA is not likely to find that the collection be deleted based on payment of the debt.

    The creditor cannot make assurances regarding the reporting or lack thereof by a debt collector.

    The process is now to request the debt collector voluntarily delete their reported collection based on their own good will.

    What To Consider When Your Credit Score Changes

    How to get collections removed from your credit report ...

    The next time your credit score changes, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Have you spent more or less money this month compared to previous months? If so, your credit utilization ratio may have changed.
    • Did you miss a payment in the past few months? If so, you could have a delinquent payment thats hurting your score.
    • Did a missed payment or derogatory mark from several years ago fall off your credit report? If so, your credit score may be going up.
    • Have you applied for credit? An inquiry may have been placed on your report, which can negatively impact it.
    • Have you recently paid off a loan or closed a credit card? If so, your credit history may have been impacted.

    After looking closer, you may find something has changed that could influence your credit score that you werent initially aware of. The best way to monitor changes in your score is to check your credit report monthly, so youre up to date on all the changes that impact your score.

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    Your Rights When Dealing With Comcast Collections

    There are strict regulations about what a debt collector can and cannot do in the United States. For example, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prevents the use of abusive or deceptive tactics to collect any debt, whether or not you actually owe it. In addition, the FDCPA provides you with many rights to ensure that collection agencies dont take advantage of you. In particular:

    • It is a violation of federal law for Comcast Collections to report inaccurate or incomplete information on your credit report.
    • Debt validation. Under the FDCPA, you have the right to validate a debt. Upon request, the collection agency reporting the information must prove to you, within 30 days, that the account is really your responsibility and the amount of money you owe is accurate.
    • All personal debts are covered, including personal credit cards, auto loans, household bills, and mortgage payments.
    • Comcast Collections may not threaten or harass you, call you repeatedly, swear at you, or publicly publish a list of debtors.
    • Comcast Collections must be honest about who they are and what they are trying to do. They must notify you that they are a collection agency both orally and in writing.
    • Comcast Collections cannot threaten to have you arrested, and they are not allowed to threaten to take legal action if they have no intention of doing so.


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