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How To Remove Medical Bills From Credit Report

How Medical Collections Affect Your Credit Score


FICO 9, the most recent FICO credit scoring model, as well as the VantageScore® 3.0 and 4.0 credit scoring models, don’t weigh medical collections as heavily as other collections. Additionally, if your insurer pays off your medical bill that went to collections, the three major credit bureaus will remove the collection account from your credit history if they have proof or verification from the collection agency.

Although this may seem like great news, there is one important issue to consider. Different lenders use different credit scoring modelsand not all of them use the most recent versionsso you may not know which scoring model is being used when you apply for a mortgage, car loan or any other type of financing. Therefore, you won’t have a way of knowing how much weight your medical collection account will carry when a lender is evaluating your creditworthiness.

Keep in mind that general medical debt will never appear on your credit report only debt that is in collections will appear. The collection account on your credit report will show the original creditor’s name and available contact information for the collection agency .

Because medical collections can have a significant negative impact on your credit scores, try to keep your medical bills from ever going to collections in the first place. But if they do end up on your credit report, here’s how you can deal with them.

Patience Is Key To Removing Medical Bills

Despite new credit scoring models placing less weight on medical collections, past due medical bills can still hurt your credit score.

As you work to remove negative items from your credit report, know that working with credit bureaus takes time and patience. You wont see results within days or weeks. More likely itll take a month or more to remove negative items.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created more confusion and some built-in relief from medical debt as some debt collectors have grace periods in place.

But if youre hitting a brick wall and you think a credit bureau or a debt collector has violated your consumer rights, report your experience to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This federal agency oversees the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

How Will All This Affect My Credit Score

Having a debt go to collections can drop your credit score significantly — and it gets worse the longer it hasn’t been paid. For instance, your credit score is likely to drop more if a bill has gone unpaid for 150 days versus 30 days. Once a collection has been removed from your credit report, you could see a positive change in your credit score.

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How Can Medical Debt Affect Someones Credit Score

If healthcare providers fail to collect the debt, they often send the account to a third-party collection agency, which then reports the unpaid balances to credit bureaus, according to CFPB.

But when someone uses a credit card to pay off a pricey medical bill, then struggles to pay off the balance afterward, it can still lower their credit scores dramatically.

A lot of people think of medical debt as debt owed to medical providers, Lunna Lopes, a senior survey analyst for the Kaiser Family Foundation Public Opinion and Survey Research team, told Verywell. But one thing that we should keep in mind is that a lot of people might pay their medical bill with their credit cardnow they owe the credit card.

This could lead to some patients being stuck in a vicious cycle ofpoor health and unaffordable care. Based on a 2019 survey by Peterson and KFF, people struggling with health problems and financial insecurity may also be most in need of medical care.

According to the survey, 38% of people with fair or poor health had medical debt. People who had lower household incomes were also more likely to owe medical debt.

Bills Can Be Sent To Collections Even If Youre Paying

How to Remove Medical Bills from Your Credit Report

Making payments on a large medical bill does not guarantee you will avoid collections. Those who decide on their own to pay only a portion of the bill could have the bill sent to collections. Same with those who are not paying on time

Its important to talk with the provider or hospital when you cant pay all of what is due. Providers typically will set up a payment play, but be sure to get it in writing. Some hospitals the Cleveland Clinic among them have agreements with certain banks that will spread payments over two or three years at no interest, provided payments are made on time.

Communicating with the provider is key to making payments affordable and avoiding collections.

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How Medical Bills End Up On Your Credit Report

According to SOURCE, almost one in every three Americans has medical debt. Additionally, a Salary Finance survey, indicated that 54 percent of the people who reported having medical debt also said theyve defaulted on those bills. If you miss or make a late payment on your medical bills, this data may show up on your credit report.

However, thats not usually how it works. Doctors and hospitals simply dont have the time to report every missed and late payment. Instead, they usually wait until a few payments are missed or late in a row, and then they opt to send the debt to collections instead. As a result, the first time medical debt shows up on consumers credit reports is often when their debt is already in collections. Having a collections item on your credit report is damaging and can sink your credit score significantly.

Can I Get Medical Bills Off Of My Credit Reports

If your medical bill is in collections by error and is hurting your credit score, youre probably wondering if it can be removed. If the bill is less than 180 days old or if it has now been paid by insurance, you should be able to dispute the error with the credit bureau.

Theres no guarantee the error will be removed from your credit report. But the effort is worth it because poor credit scores can make borrowing money really expensive.

Here are the steps to take:

  • Gather evidence. Collect as much documentation as you can to prove the bill was paid. Ask for payment records from your doctors office, find copies of canceled checks or dig up old credit card statements.

  • File your dispute with any credit bureau that’s reporting the error. Make sure to check your credit reports from all the three bureaus. Through April 2022, you can get a free copy of your credit report weekly from each bureau.

  • Keep communicating. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires the credit bureaus to follow up on all credit reporting error disputes. Keep communicating with the companies to check on the status of your dispute, and be prepared to provide additional documentation if requested.

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    How To Dispute Medical Collections

    While TransUnion and Equifax have their own processes for disputing credit reports, Experian allows you to do it online, via phone or by mail. The most convenient and efficient way to dispute inaccurate medical collections on your Experian credit report is online through Experian’s Dispute Center.

    When you dispute the inaccurate collection account, you may be asked which detail on the account you believe is inaccurate, and why you suspect it is inaccurate. If you’ve paid the bill, payment records from your medical provider and copies of your check or credit card statements are supporting evidence that could be beneficial to your dispute.

    After you submit your dispute online, you’ll receive alerts from Experian anytime there is a status update. Once completed, your dispute will have one of the following three outcomes:

    • Your medical collection will be corrected.
    • Your medical collection will be deleted.
    • Your medical collection will remain on your credit report as is if it is verified as accurate.

    Send A Debt Validation Letter To The Collection Agency

    How to Remove Collections & Medical Bills from your Credit Report Fast

    Do this within 30 days of the original letter you received from the agency or else you will lose your chance to dispute the debt. Use the sample debt validation letter for medical bills provided below.

    This debt validation letter outlines the following:

    • Your request for proof of the debt.
    • Your request for proof that the collection agency does in fact hold the debt now
    • Your request for a statement regarding how much principal you owe plus any fees and interest that have been added
    • Your request for a copy of the contract you originally signed saying you will be responsible for payment of the debt
    • Your request for contact information of the original creditor in case you need to call or write them if necessary.

    Send the debt validation letter to the debt collectors address listed on the debt noticed you received. If you didnt receive a notice but account is listed on your credit report, send it to the address listed in your credit reports Contact Information section.

    Send the debt validation letter via certified mail, return receipt requested, so that you have document that the collection agency received your correspondence. Keep a copy to yourself.

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    How Long Does A Late Payment Stay On Your Credit Report

    Unfortunately, there is no single set rule for all creditors when it comes to how long a late payment will stay on your credit report. Each lender has their own threshold for what counts as a late payment, as well as at what point they decide to report these late payments to the credit bureaus. While this can be frustrating, its important to know that there are some tried and true industry averages that can be applied.

    In most cases, once your payment gets to be 30 days past due, lenders will consider your payment late and will report it to the credit bureaus. Once this happens, the late payment will almost likely show up on your credit report. But why is this important? Simple even a single late payment can have a big impact on your credit score.

    The High Price Of A Healthy Life

    Medical debt is a major source of debt for Americans. Around 20% of U.S. households report having medical debt, according to a 2022 report released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau . This issue is more prevalent among Black households, with 28% reporting to have past-due medical debt.

    Medical collections debt often arises from unforeseen medical circumstances. These changes are another step were taking together to help people across the United States focus on their financial and personal wellbeing,” according to a joint statement by the CEOs of Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

    A poor credit report can have ripple effects on someones ability to make substantial life investments like buying a house, qualifying for insurance, or opening a bank account.

    People who have or who are at risk of having medical debt may also avoid seeking out necessary medical care, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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    Pay Your Bills Monthly

    When you first receive a bill and cant pay it off right away, contact the medical provider to determine if you can sign up for a monthly payment plan.

    Payment plans with hospitals and doctors offices typically dont charge interest. And they usually wont send the medical debt to a collection agency if you make regular payments.

    You can also consider applying for a low interest personal loan if your provider doesnt offer monthly payments. Of course, its never ideal to have to pay interest on top of the principal balance, but it could prevent you from having the collection account go into delinquency and showing up on your credit report.

    Dispute With All 3 Credit Bureaus

    How to Remove Medical Debt Collections From Credit Reports

    When disputing medical collections, you have to file a dispute with each credit bureau reporting the account on your credit report. The credit bureau must follow up with you within 30 days of receiving your complaint, so mark your calendar to make sure they do.

    When dealing with large amounts of debt, try your best to avoid it going to collections and showing up on your credit report. Ask your health care provider for assistance in coming up with a payment plan that works for both of you.

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    How To Deal With Late Payments On Your Credit Report

    If you already have late payments on your credit report, you may or may not be able to have them removed. If your bills are past due, its important to understand that the sooner you can pay them off, the better off you will be.

    However, if you want to take this a step further and remove a late payment that is already on your credit report, you have a few options:

    What If Insurance Didn’t Or Won’t Pay

    Medical debt collections have to come off the reports if the health insurance company pays up. But what if you don’t have insurance, you can’t get the insurer to pay or you get tired of waiting on insurance and pay off a collections account yourself?

    The damage to your credit depends on the type of scoring model and the version used by a potential creditor to check your creditworthiness.

    FICO 8, the credit scoring model most lenders rely on, treats collections accounts the same, no matter whether they’re paid or unpaid. So the damage has been done regardless of whether you pay although paying will get the bill collector off your back and remove the risk of it suing you for payment.

    The FICO 9 scoring model and the VantageScore 3.0 disregard collections accounts that have been paid. FICO 9 will weigh medical bills in collections less heavily than other types of unpaid accounts. However, FICO 9 is not in widespread use by lenders. VantageScore 3.0, a competitor to FICO, is more widely used.

    Collections accounts can take up to seven years to drop off your credit report, although the impact on your credit score will lessen over time. To help your score rebound, the best thing to do is keep consistent credit habits as much as you can, such as paying your other bills on time and keeping your credit card balances low.

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    How To Fight Back Against Medical Debt Collectors

    After you have gathered the information on the medical debt collection account, there are steps you need to take to get it removed from your Credit Report. First off, do not talk to debt collectors, just acknowledging a debt can re-age it and destroy your credit scores. Only communicate through US Mail . I highly recommend setting up a Free Credit Restoration Consultation with one of our professionals. That way you can have us map out a plan of action for you. We even have an attorney that will work on your file at no extra cost, if he finds Legal Violations, he makes the Debt Collector pay a settlement. If they pay the settlement, you get paid! Lots of consumers are using form letters and disputing online and making their situation worse.

    But as I promised, Im going to tell you How To Legally Remove Medical Debt Collections From Your Credit Report.

    What Medical Debt Collections Looks Like In The United States

    Most Medical Debts To Be Removed From Credit Reports

    Millions of American adults struggle with medical debt and the negative impact those obligations can have on their . Unfortunately, medical collections can make it difficult for people to access new financing when they need it. Medical collections on credit reports might even make it harder for some people to land a job.

    Below are several eye-opening statistics that explain the problem of medical debt in the United States.

    • One in three American adults has medical debt.
    • Most medical collections on credit reports are for debts under $500.
    • 58% of all third-party collections on credit reports were for medical debt in 2021.
    • Two-thirds of medical debts stem from a short-term or one-time medical expense .

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    Medical Debt Vanishing From Credit Reports

    Health care bills are about to become far less threatening to the financial well-being of millions of Americans.

    The three major credit bureaus are erasing most medical debts from peoples credit reports, and the Biden administration is reducing or eliminating medical debt as a factor in government lending decisions.

    Heres what you need to know about medical debt now.

    Roughly one in five U.S. households have medical debt, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Some arent insured, while others struggle to pay deductibles and other cost-sharing. Insurance billing is byzantine, to say the least, and its easy to lose track of a bill while your insurer decides how much, or whether, to pay.

    Many of these unpaid bills wind up on peoples credit reports. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found medical debts on 43 million credit reports last year, and medical debts made up 58% of all bills in collections as of the second quarter of 2021. Collections can depress your credit scores, which can make it harder to get loans or require you to pay higher interest rates. Bad credit also can cause you to be turned away from jobs or apartments, and require you to pay more for car and home insurance.

    Seventeen days later, the three credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion responded by promising to remove nearly 70% of medical debts from consumer credit reports within the next year.

    Write A Debt Validation Letter

    The first method I recommend is validating the medical debt. In order to do this you will need to send a debt validation letter to the collection agency.

    A debt validation letter will basically demand that the debt collector verify that the medical debt they are attempting to collect on is indeed yours, and the amount they are trying to collect is correct.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that you only have 30 days to send a debt validation letter from the initial date that the collection agency contacted you.

    Once you have sent the debt validation letter, you should expect an answer within 30 days. If you dont receive an answer, send another letter demanding that the medical collections are removed from your credit report.

    Many times a debt collector will be unable to validate that the debt is yours because they have lack of documentation. However, the success of this method generally depends on how old the medical bill is. That is, the older the debt, the more likely that documentation is available to the debt collection agency.

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