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Why Did My Credit Score Go Down When Nothing Changed

How Can You Improve Your Credit Score

Why did my credit score drop even though nothing changed?

You can improve your credit score by performing the following actions:

  • Pay all of your credit cards and loans on time
  • Pay all of your other bills on time
  • Dont apply for too many credit cards or loan within a short period of time
  • Keep old accounts open
  • Reduce the balances on your credit cards and loans
  • Check your credit report & dispute any inaccuracies that you find

How Many Points Does Your Credit Score Go Down For An Inquiry

Hard inquiries may result in a 5 to 10 point drop and can remain on your report for a few months up to two years.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends avoiding applying for new lines of credit just before, or while youre applying for a mortgage or loan. This can help increase your odds of being approved, as you wont have a record of multiple hard inquiries lowering your credit score.

It is a credit myth that your credit score goes down when you check it with a soft inquiry. In fact, its actually good practice to keep track of your credit by periodically checking it through soft inquiries, in order to evaluate any changes to your score.

Can A Credit Score Drop For No Reason

Sometimes a credit score can go down for seemingly no reason at all. However, theres always an explanation behind a credit score decrease even if its hard to find or understand.

Credit scores used by lenders in the United States have to comply with a law known as the Equal Credit Opportunity Act . Per the ECOA, credit scoring systems must be empirically derived plus demonstrably and statistically sound. In plain terms, this means that credit scores have to be built using accepted scientific methods and they have to work.

If something causes one of your credit scores to drop, legally there has to be a reason . Remember, a lower credit score means your credit report now represents a higher risk to lenders. In other words, the odds of you becoming 90 days or more late on a credit obligation in the next 24 months have increased.

Below is a list of some unusual reasons your credit score might have decreased.

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The Credit Utilization Increased On Your Credit Card

Credit card debt can have a big influence over your credit scores. This is because credit scoring models are concerned with the relationship between your credit card limits and balances, also known as your debt-to-limit ratio or . When your debt-to-limit ratio increases on credit cards, your credit scores often decline.

Its best to pay your balances off in full every month. This will help you avoid paying expensive interest fees. However, if you wait until the due date to make your credit card payment, you might still have high utilization for the coming month. If youre worried about this possibility, you can make a payment before the statement closing date on your account. Doing so can help make sure the balance reported to the major credit bureaus for the upcoming month remains low as well.

A Spike In How Much Credit You Use

Best self

Your total available credit limit is the amount youâre able to borrow across your credit accounts. .

With your credit limit, itâs all about balance. Using too little credit could harm your score, as youâre not able to prove to lenders how you manage credit. However, using too much of your credit limit could suggest to lenders that you’d struggle to repay any new debt. This can cause your credit score to drop.

Itâs recommended that you try to keep your below 30% of your total credit limit.

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What Is A Good Credit Score

The lenders generally use is the FICO Score, which ranges from 300 to 850. Your FICO Score will fall into one of five tiers, ranging from poor credit to exceptional:

  • Exceptional: 800 or higher
  • Very good: 740 to 799
  • Good: 670 to 739

Here are the factors that impact your FICO Score :

  • Payment history
  • Amounts owed
  • Length of credit history
  • New credit

The Amount Of Credit Youre Using Has Changed

Your credit utilization ratio the percent of available credit youre actually using has a major impact on your score. So, your score may drop if you put a big purchase on a credit card. And you may see a bump in your score when you pay down debt or spend less than usual.

Plus, timing matters in terms of when your score is calculated. Even if you cover your balances each month, your score can look lower if you check it before you actually pay the bill when youre using more credit. Even after youve paid the bill, there may be a timing gap in which you may not see your score change automatically.

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How To Make Your Credit Score Go Up

Financial institutions consider a score below 549 points a bad credit score. In practice, people with scores like this will get rejected every time they apply for a loan.

Anything from 550 to 619 will get you to the poor credit score list. This might get you qualified for a credit however, since you represent a high credit risk, the lender is likely to give you very unfavorable terms. If you still decide to go with this option, be sure to check out the credit cards for a low credit score.

If you recognize yourself in one of these two groups or you keep on wondering Why did my credit score drop?, here are some steps that can help you improve your current position:

Pay your bills on time.

The tried and true way of earning extra points. Weve already mentioned that credit history is the most important factor lenders consider when deciding whether or not to give you a credit. As the late payments will leave a mark on your credit report for seven long years, try to manage your payments in a timely manner.

Make frequent payments.

If you have the possibility to make a few smaller deposits throughout the month, you can slightly improve your credit situation. The goal is to lower your credit utilization ratio so that your credit score can go up.

Increase your credit limit.

Dispute any credit report mistakes.

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Sometimes your credit score can change even though you didnt take any particular action, or at least you werent aware of it at the moment.


When Should You Worry About A Dropping Credit Score

Why Did My Credit Score Drop for No Reason

Did your score shift unexpectedly? A few points difference from month to month is nothing to worry about. But major movement is worth investigating.

First, review any documentation that comes along with your credit score. Many reports offer a listing of negative factors dragging down your score. Have any of those factors changed since the last time you saw your score?

Second, look at your account activity on loans and lines of credit. Did you accidentally pay late or miss a payment entirely? Is your balance higher than usual? And are there any suspicious charges you dont recognize on your cards?

Finally, order a free copy of your credit history report. Look for recently reported behavior that could explain the score change youve noticed. Be sure to contact the credit bureau issuing the report if you find incorrect information. Bad data may simply be an error or could indicate identity theft.

Many people worry when they see changes in their credit scores. And its true that big movement can point to a problem. But minor shifts are normal. Plus, knowing how your behavior impacts your score can make your score less mysterious while empowering you to build yourself a stellar credit history.

Get more info about what it takes to establish a credit history at the Smarter CreditTM Center.

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What To Do Now

So, what do you do? Fortunately, there is a way to not only check more in-depth on your report, but to also dispute false information. Around 25% of small business owners who check their business credit reports found errors.

If you see your scores drop, check your credit reports. Look specifically at whats changed and what steps you may be able to take to recover. If you monitor your credit scores using a service, you may get information that will help you understand whats changed says Detweiler.

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Use the resources available to you to understand the problem and get the direction necessary. Having the correct information and items on hand before can make the process of filing a dispute as smooth and quick as possible, and can possibly help your credit escape unharmed.

Besides following this blog, there are other great blogs on the internet with worthwhile credit advice. is a worthy recommendation, as it contains actionable insights and advice about personal credit and financing topics.

Someone Made A Mistake

Sometimes a credit score drop happens not because you did anything wrong, but because a mistake was made. Did a lender report a late payment when you have proof that you paid on time? Did a credit bureau accidentally add the account of someone with a similar name to your credit report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute any inaccurate information that shows up on your credit reports. If you need to dispute credit report errors, this helpful guide can show you how.

Insider tip

by FICO and VantageScore are built with similar goals in mind also called their stated design objectives. They predict the likelihood that youll pay any of your credit obligations 90 days late in the next 24 months.

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Why Is My Credit Score Low After Getting A Credit Card

When you apply for a credit card, the issuer performs a hard credit check to determine whether you qualify. This can cause your credit score to temporarily drop by up to five points. If you make a large purchase after receiving your new card, it can increase your credit utilization ratio. As a result, your score could drop even further.

Why Is My Credit Score So Low

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A very high balance on even one credit card can indicate some risk, and so can negatively impact credit scores, although less than your overall utilization rate. A short credit history gives less to base a judgment on about how you manage your credit, and so can cause your credit score to be lower.10 Sep 2013

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Other Reasons Your Credit Score May Drop

If you increase the amount of credit you have by over 30%, that may cause a temporary drop in your credit score. The normal credit utilization rate is 30%.

If credit bureaus see that you are using over 30% of your available credit, you may be seen as a risk.

Have you applied for new credit? That may cause an autonomous algorithm to temporarily lower your credit score.

Have you been paying your credit card bills late? Newly implemented FICO scoring metrics can drop your credit score by 20 points for habitually paying your bill late.

Have you fully paid a mortgage, car loan, or personal loan? That can also cause your credit score to dip temporarily.

Why Did My Credit Score Drop 30 Points For No Reason

If you had unexpected expenses and you put them on a credit card or cards, your credit score could drop. Thats because a major factor in credit scoring is credit utilization, or how much of your credit limit youre using. If your credit utilization went up even if its still below 30% your score could drop.

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Why Did My Credit Score Drop 9 Possible Reasons

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When your credit score takes an unexpected turn downward, you may feel angry or frustrated. Credit scores do fluctuate, and a couple of points up or down is not a big deal but a downward trend or a big drop is.

Heres a list of things that might be behind your credit score drop, and tips for fixing them:

You Made An Expensive Purchase

Why Credit Score Changes will Drop Your score | No More Churning?!

Another important factor in your credit score is the amount of available credit you’re using, or your credit utilization ratio. It comes as a surprise to many people but, if you make a big purchase on your credit card one month, you could see a credit score drop even if you pay the balance in full on your due date.

This happens because credit card issuers typically report the as of the last day of the billing cycle. The balance on your credit card statement is often the balance that appears on your credit report.

It’s relatively easy to correct the impact of a high balance. Simply pay down the balance promptly, avoid making other credit card purchases, and wait for the updated balance to show on your credit report. This will help you recover the lost credit score points.

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You Paid Late Or Missed A Payment

Paying on time is the single most important factor impacting your credit score. It constitutes 35% of your FICO Score and 41% of your VantageScore. Late payments can tank your credit score.

If you miss your credit card payment date by a day or two and then make the payment promptly, you might get hit with a late fee, but your credit score probably wont suffer. Issuers often allow 30 days before reporting a late payment to the credit bureaus . But once it does get reported late, your credit score could drop roughly 90 to 110 points.

Finally, there may come a point where your original creditor gives up on collecting the debt and sells it off to a debt collection agency. These companies frequently use aggressive tactics to reach debtors and convince them to pay up, and your credit reports will show that youve had a debt sent to collections which will make other lenders unlikely to extend you credit.

How to fix it:

Can A Credit Score Drop Even If Nothing Changed On My Credit Report

It can sometimes seem like your credit score fluctuates up or down even if you seemingly havent done anything to influence it.

Sometimes your score does change based on factors out of your control. For example, there are different scoring models for calculating your credit score based on your financial information. It is common to see differences in scores from one model to the next.

However, if you see a big drop in your score, it is usually triggered by something specific. Most times your behaviour influences your score in ways that may not be obvious.

Below are some common reasons why your credit score may go down when nothing has changed. This will give you an indication of what to look for on your credit report.

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Benefits Of Having A Good Credit Score

There are many benefits to having a good credit score, here are some of those benefits:

  • Better approval odds for credit cards and loans
  • Better interest rates and loans terms
  • Renting the apartment that you want
  • Financing or leasing the car that you want
  • Better auto insurance rates
  • Approval for higher credit limits

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Paid Off A Student Loan Or Car Loan

Paying off any loan is an achievement that’s worth celebrating. But the types of credit you have also are considered high impact on your VantageScore® 3.0. This means having a good mix of credit between revolving debt and installment debt . If you pay off the only loan you have, that affects the diversity of your accounts.

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