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What Credit Score Do Mortgage Lenders Use

What If I Dont Have A Good Credit Score

What Credit Score Do Mortgage Lenders Use?

No credit and bad credit isnt necessarily viewed as the same risk, and even if your credit isnt great, you may still have options available.;;;

Bad Credit vs. No Credit

Bad credit means you already have a credit history with some mistakes or late payments, which indicates that you might not be reliable in paying back your mortgage loan.

No credit is an issue more commonly faced by newcomers you may have equity or credit in another country, but not enough history in Canada yet to get an accurate measure of risk.

Whether you have no credit history or have a credit history in another country , the process can be a bit more complicated .;

Having no credit score does not mean that your credit score is zero. Experts say that people with no credit score are considered to be credit invisible. Not bad, not good, just not visible.;

The good news is that going from no credit to good credit is not nearly as much of an uphill battle as turning around bad credit. In fact, there are two products designed specifically to build credit: secured credits and credit-builder loans .;

While most advisors say that it can take at least six months to build a score from nothing, their advice is clear: once you open a credit account, make sure you pay your bills on time, keep your card utilization rate below 30% and keep an eye on your credit score to watch for any changes.;

Co-signing a Mortgage

How do I improve, repair, or start building my credit?

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Interest Rates

Knowing your credit score is the first step in getting the best rates on your mortgage. While mortgage interest rates are currently at an all-time low, they drop even lower when your credit score is above 760.

According to FICO, the current interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage is;2.377% APR for a 760+ borrower, and;3.966% for a borrower with a score between;620 and 639 .

This 1.589% savings in APR may seem negligible. But it means saving about $260 per month on your mortgage, or $3,120 per year and roughly $93,600 over the lifetime of the loan.

If you currently have a mortgage and are interested in seeing if you can switch to a better rate, look into the pros and cons of refinancing;your home.

What Information Credit Scores Do Not Consider

FICO® and VantageScore do not consider the following information when calculating credit scores:

  • Your race, color, religion, national origin, sex or marital status.
  • Your age.
  • Your salary, occupation, title, employer, date employed or employment history.
  • Where you live.
  • Soft inquiries. Soft inquiries are usually initiated by others, like companies making promotional offers of credit or your lender conducting periodic reviews of your existing credit accounts. Soft inquiries also occur when you check your own credit report or when you use from companies like Experian. These inquiries do not impact your credit scores.

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Assess Your Unique Circumstances Before You Decide

On the other hand, applying on your own means the lender will only take into account your income and not your partners. This means you might qualify for a smaller mortgage. Regardless of whether one partner name is on the mortgage, his or her name can still be on the title of the home.

Understanding the ins and outs of credit scores and joint mortgages will help you and your partner take this major step together and get you closer to becoming homeowners. For answers to any questions you might have about joint mortgages, give our home lending advisors a call. Theyre happy to help.

Improving Your Mortgage Score

What Credit Score Do Mortgage Lenders Use? in 2020

Despite having a lower-than-expected mortgage score, Atlanta resident Moore managed to improve it and buy a home.

First, she paid down an outstanding debt to help raise her score. Then she did intensive shopping for a loan, talking to several banks and credit unions before finally securing a mortgage that was aimed at first-time home buyers.

I found that if you get approved by a bank, you may be able to get a lower rate or better offer from another bank, says Moore, who closed on her house in December.

To help improve your mortgage score, here are four guidelines.

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Can I Get A 658 Credit Score Mortgage

Yes. You can get a mortgage with a credit score of 658. If your credit score is 658 and you checked your score with Experian, it means your score is categorised as Poor, which means youll have less mortgage lenders willing to lend to you than if you had an Excellent score, but you still have options.;

A Poor credit rating often means youll need a specialist lender because theyll be willing to consider your application on a case-by-case basis. Often, specialist lenders are only available through a specialist mortgage broker. Thats where we can help. We have a network of specialist mortgage brokers who can help get you a mortgage even if you have a Poor credit rating. Get in touch now and get matched to the perfect broker.;

If your credit score is 658 and you checked with TransUnion or Equifax, it means you have an Excellent credit score and you should have lots of mortgage options available to you.

After My Down Payment What Other Related Mortgage Fees Do I Need To Consider

Once youve settled on a down payment, its important to take stock of your closing costs. Closing costs often run between two to three percent of your total loan. Other fees include the loan origination fee, the loan application fee, the title services fee and appraisal fee. Additionally, you might consider setting up an escrow account, which guarantees 12 months of property taxes and homeowners insurance.

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How Can My Fico Scores Affect My Mortgage Interest Rate

When a loan officer gets your mortgage application, they may use a pricing grid to figure out how your credit scores affect your interest rate, says Yves-Marc Courtines, a chartered financial analyst with Boundless Advice. Generally, higher scores can mean a lower interest rate, and vice versa.

From there, a mortgage loan officer will likely look at the rest of your loan application to decide whether your base interest rate needs any adjustments. For example, if youre making a smaller down payment, you may be given a higher interest rate, says Courtines.

A banks pricing grid may change on a daily basis depending on market conditions. However, heres an example of what you might expect your base interest rate to be, based on your credit score, on a $216,000, 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage.

FICO® score range

Source: myFICO, November 2020.

What To Consider When Applying For A Home Loan With A Low Credit Score

How Lenders Use Credit Score

If you do apply for a home loan with a lower credit score, make sure you consider these factors:

  • You won’t permanently damage your credit score. A home loan application shows as a hard credit pull on your credit report. This credit pull may affect your credit score.
  • You can lock in a low interest rate. If you want to buy a house when interest rates are particularly low, acting sooner rather than later may be a smart idea. Waiting longer to apply could mean getting a loan when interest rates and monthly payments are higher.
  • You may need a large down payment. To offset your credit score, lenders may require compensating factors such as a down payment of 20% or more of the purchase price.
  • Your lender may have stricter income or asset requirements. To make up for a low credit score, your lender may require a lower DTI ratio or significant assets in reserve.
  • You may end up spending more. Some low-credit score loan options require high upfront or annual payments, which can increase the cost of buying a house.

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How Can I Improve My Credit Score For A Mortgage

There’s many ways to improve your credit score but in general, it’s important to follow these best practices:

  • Make all of your credit card payments on time. This will avoid any late marks on your credit report and impact.

  • Don’t make any applications for credit within 12 months of a mortgage application. These are recorded as ‘hard searches’ where too many of these look like you’re relying too much on credit which can impact your overall score.

  • Stay out of your overdraft and ensure your credit card utilisation is low – aim for keeping your balances below 25% as this can help your score and gives the impression that you’re in control of your spending.

  • Check your credit report regularly to stay on top of your borrowing and get a clear overview of your debts and credit score.;

If I Meet A Minimum Credit Score Will I Be Accepted For A Mortgage

Not necessarily as lenders take lots of factors regarding your affordability into consideration. You are more likely to be accepted if you meet a minimum score as this suggests that youre a careful borrower.;

However, its also important to prepare for your application for a mortgage by organising your:;

  • Pay slips and proof of bonuses/commission and tax paid or self-assessment tax accounts if youre applying for a self-employed mortgage

  • Passport, birth certificate and drivers license ;

  • Proof of deposit

  • Proof of address

  • Gift letter; If you’re receiving help with your deposit, the lender will need a letter from the person providing the gift explaining that they are gifting the deposit and understand that they in no way own any share of the property being mortgaged or expect the money to be paid back.;;

Lenders work across a lot of different criteria, and your credit score is just one part, so even if you do not meet the minimum levels, you should speak to one of our specialist mortgage advisors to see how we can help.

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How Does Your Credit History Affect Getting A Mortgage

Lenders use your credit report to get information on how reliable you have been at paying back debts in the past. When you apply for a mortgage you will have to supply payslips, P60s and bank statements to show how much you earn and what your monthly budget might look like. This shows lenders your current financial situation, but to predict how you might behave in the future they will also look at your credit report.

Your credit history might also affect your mortgage interest rate, in the sense that the types of mortgage you are offered will be affected by how responsibly youve borrowed in the past. Special introductory rates or other attractive mortgage offers might only be available to people whose credit history meets certain criteria.

What Credit Score Do You Need For The Best Mortgage Rate

Which Credit Score Do Mortgage Lenders Use?

A credit score of 700-plus will usually land a borrower a lower interest rate, and while mortgage industry experts say you can still qualify for certain loans with a score under 680, the 700s are where you can expect to pay the lowest rates.

Creditors set their own standards for what constitutes an acceptable score, but these are general guidelines:

  • A score of 740or higher is generally considered excellent credit.

  • A score between 700 and 739 is considered good credit.

  • Scores between 630 and 699 are fair credit.

  • And scores of 629 and below are poor credit.

The lending industry carves up the credit score scale into 20-point increments and adjusts the rates it offers borrowers each time a credit score moves up or down by about 20 points. For instance, if your score drops to 740 from 760, youre likely to see a small bump up in the rate youll be offered.

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Your Mortgage Credit Score Might Not Be What You Expect

Many home buyers dont realize they have more than one credit score. And the score a mortgage lender uses may be lower than the one you see when you check it yourself.

Finding out late in the game that you have a lower mortgage credit score could be an unwelcome surprise. You might end up with a higher interest rate and/or smaller home buying budget than youd planned.

So before you apply, its important to understand how lenders look at credit and what score you need to qualify.

Want A Mortgage The Credit Score Used By Mortgage Companies Will Surprise You


If you are applying for a mortgage, your credit score will be a critical part of the process. You could get rejected with a credit score that is too low. And once approved, your score will determine the;interest rate charged. Someone with a 620 might have to pay an;interest rate that is as much as 3% higher than someone with a 740. But what credit scores do mortgage lenders actually use? The answer might surprise you.

Much Older Versions Of FICO

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government-agencies that purchase the majority of mortgages originated in the country. These agencies set the rules and underwriting criteria for the loans that they purchase, including what credit scores should be used. Surprisingly, the agencies require much older versions of the FICO credit score. According to a review of the agency Selling Guides by MagnifyMoney, these are the scores that matter:

  • From the Equifax credit bureau: FICO Version 5
  • From the Experian credit bureau: FICO Version 2
  • From the TransUnion credit bureau: FICO Version 4

Even though FICO has just recently introduced Version 9 of its score, most mortgage lenders will still be using a much older credit score.

Watch on Forbes:

Which Older Version Of FICO Will Be Used?

How Do I Get A Good Credit Score ?;

What If My Mortgage Is Not Purchased By Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

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Which Credit Score Do Lenders Actually Use

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray speaks during a a hearing in Denver… where he discussed his agency’s proposal on arbitration, in Denver, Colo., on Oct. 7, 2015.

There was some big news in the world of credit scores this week. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau;ordered TransUnion and Equifax to pay more than $23 million in fines and restitutions “for deceiving consumers about the usefulness and actual cost of credit scores they sold to consumers.” I’ve used these and the other credit scoring services described below extensively, and these services are advertisers on my personal finance blog, so I was particularly interested in the CFPB’s orders.

The orders explained that the credit score models most often used by lenders are those developed by Fair Isaac Corporation. You may know these scores by their common name, FICO scores. In contrast, the scores offered by TransUnion and Equifax used proprietary scoring models, sometimes referred to as “educational credit scores.” The name comes from the idea that these scores help educate consumers about their credit scores generally.

The problem, according to the CFPB, was that TransUnion and Equifax misled consumers by suggesting that the educational credit scores;they offered were the same scores lenders used to make credit decisions. According to the CFPB, however, these scores were “rarely used by lenders to make credit decisions.”

Many Credit Scores

  • Equifax Beacon 5.0

Understanding Other Mortgage Approval Factors

Which FICO Score Do Mortgage Lenders Use? | Info On The Go Ep 70

While your credit score helps determine the loan programs you qualify for and your interest rate, it is only one of several factors that ultimately determine your mortgage approval. Even if you have a great score, your lender may still deny you due to problems with your employment history, debt ratios, cash reserves or the property.

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Can I Get A 600 Credit Score Mortgage

Yes, you can. If youve got a credit score of 600, the first thing you need to do is check which credit checker youre using. If its Experian, a score of 600 is categorised as Poor which means most mortgage lenders wont want to offer you a mortgage. However, specialist mortgage lenders will still consider you. The best way to find a specialist mortgage lender is by working with a specialist mortgage broker who knows the market. Get in touch and well match you to a specialist bad credit mortgage broker.;

If your 600 credit score was given by Equifax or TransUnion, that means your score is categorised as Fair – Excellent. So youll have more options of lenders wholl offer you a mortgage.

Tip #: Pay Off Outstanding Debt

One of the best ways to increase your credit score is to determine any outstanding debt you owe and pay on it until its paid in full. This is helpful for a couple of reasons. First, if your overall debt responsibilities go down, then you have room to take more on, which makes you less risky in your lenders eyes.

Lenders also look at something called a credit utilization ratio. Its the amount of spending power you use on your credit cards. The less you rely on your card, the better. To get your credit utilization, simply divide how much you owe on your card by how much spending power you have.

For example, if you typically charge $2,000 per month on your credit card and divide that by your total credit limit of $10,000, your credit utilization ratio is 20%.

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How The Two Credit Scoring Models Affect Your Score

In the old days, banks and other lenders developed their own scorecards to assess the risk of lending to a particular person.

But these scores could vary drastically from one lender to the next, based on an individual loan officers ability to judge risk.

To solve this issue, the Fair Isaac Corporation introduced the first general-purpose credit score in 1989.

Known as the FICO Score, it filters through information in your credit reports to calculate your score.

Since then, the company has expanded to offer 28 unique scores that are optimized for various types of credit card, mortgage, and auto lending decisions.

But FICO is no longer the only player in the game.;

The other main credit scoring model youre likely to run into is the VantageScore.

Jeff Richardson, vice president for VantageScore Solutions, says the VantageScore system aimed to expand the number of people who receive credit scores, including college students and recent immigrants, and others who might not have used credit or use it sparingly.;

According to;VantageScore reports, there were approximately 10.5 billion VantageScores used between June 2017 and June 2018.


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