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How To Check Credit Score Without Hurting It

Financial Information In Your Credit Report

How to Check Your Credit Score [Without Hurting Your Credit]

Your credit report may contain:

  • non-sufficient funds payments, or bad cheques
  • chequing and savings accounts closed for cause due to money owing or fraud committed
  • bankruptcy or a court decision against you that relates to credit
  • debts sent to collection agencies
  • inquiries from lenders and others who have requested your credit report in the past three years
  • registered items, such as a car lien, that allows the lender to seize it if you dont pay
  • remarks including consumer statements, fraud alerts and identity verification alerts

Your credit report contains factual information about your credit cards and loans, such as:

  • when you opened your account
  • how much you owe
  • if your debt has been transferred to a collection agency
  • if you go over your credit limit
  • personal information that is available in public records, such as a bankruptcy

Your credit report can also include chequing and savings accounts that are closed for cause. These include accounts closed due to money owing or fraud committed by the account holder.

If Youve Applied For Financing Or Other Credit And The Lender Checked Your Credit Scores As Part Of The Process Youve Probably Experienced Whats Called A Hard Credit Inquiry

When lenders check your credit with a hard inquiry , they often make a note of their official review in your . They use that information to assess how youve handled credit in the past, how often youve paid your debts and bills on time, and whether you have any derogatory marks on your credit reports.

They also want to know how much credit youre juggling and how long youve been managing your credit. All of these factors help creditors decide whether to extend new credit to you or give you additional credit.

You can help yourself prepare for a hard credit pull by monitoring your credit reports and making sure there arent any unpleasant surprises. Checking your own credit reports often involves whats known as a soft credit inquiry, or soft pull.

Lets take a deeper look at the differences between hard credit inquiries and soft credit inquiries.

How Your Credit Score Can Affect Your Loan

If you have a good credit score, you could qualify easily for a personal loan and that too with a lower interest rate. This is because you are seen as a creditworthy borrower who poses a lower risk. Your credit history is evaluated while making a lending decision, and if your payment behavior is consistent with on-time payments, then you will most probably be approved for a loan. You are seen as a trustworthy borrower who is likely to pay back what you borrowed.

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Important Points To Remember While Checking Credit Score

Here is what you should remember while checking your credit score:

  • Compare Against the Same Version – There are different types and versions of credits scores. While monitoring your credit score, make sure that you check the credit score provided by the same credit agency and the same version each time. This will help in making a fair comparison of your score over some time. While most credit scoring models measure the same set of factors, each may weigh the factors differently or may use different scales of measurement.
  • Check Credit Score for Free – You dont necessarily have to purchase expensive credit checking services for checking the accuracy of your score. You can check your basic credit assessment for free at CreditMantri.
  • Check Score Regularly Make sure to check your score regularly, at least once a month. This will help in avoiding last-minute issues regarding errors in your score or rejection of loan application due to a low credit score.

Will Checking Your Credit Hurt Credit Scores

How to Check Your Credit Score [Without Hurting Your ...

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  • Checking your credit reports or credit scores will not impact credit scores

  • Regularly checking your credit reports and credit scores is a good way to ensure information is accurate

  • Hard inquiries in response to a credit application do impact credit scores

Many people are afraid to request a copy of their credit reports or check their credit scores out of concern it may negatively impact their credit scores.

Good news: Credit scores aren’t impacted by checking your own credit reports or credit scores. In fact, regularly checking your credit reports and credit scores is an important way to ensure your personal and account information is correct, and may help detect signs of potential identity theft.

Impact of soft and hard inquiries on credit scores

When you request a copy of your credit report or check credit scores, thats known as a soft inquiry. Other types of soft inquiries result from companies that send you promotional credit card offers and existing lending account reviews by companies with whom you have an account. Soft inquiries do not affect credit scores and are not visible to potential lenders that may review your credit reports. They are visible to you and will stay on your credit reports for 12 to 24 months, depending on the type.

The other type of inquiry is a hard inquiry. Those occur after you have applied for a loan or a credit card and the potential lender reviews your credit history.

Getting your credit reports

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How Do I Check My Credit Score Without Hurting My Credit Rating

Hi Tink954,

Thank you for your question. There a few options you can explore to check your own credit without any impact to your credit score. Checking your own credit differs from when a lender or other institution checks your credit for purposes of approving you for a line of credit, rental application, etc., which then creates what is known as a “hard inquiry.” A hard inquiry can impact your credit, and having too many within a two year time period can impact your ability to be approved for an application. Checking your own credit is known as a “soft inquiry” and will not impact your score. It is a good idea to check your credit periodically, which includes looking at not only your credit score, but also your report. You can obtain a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting bureaus by visiting You may also be able to obtain a free credit score through your bank or a credit monitoring service, just be sure it really is free.

Please note that you likely have more than one credit score. In fact, there are numerous scores, so the score you look at may not be the same one that the lender looks at when reviewing an application for credit. With that in mind, view the score you check as an educational score and monitor to make sure it is trending in the right direction over time.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Can Skipping Bill Payments Affect Your Credit Score

Are your monthly bills coming due and you just dont have the money to pay for all of them? This is a fairly common scenario and likely, you make a decision to forgo one or more of the bills. This ends up affecting your credit score in a negative way.

In order to understand how skipping bill payments can affect your credit score, you need to understand how your credit score is calculated. Before that, get to know about the impact of skipping monthly payments on your credit score.

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In the UK, companies called credit reference agencies compile information on how well you manage credit and make your payments.

The three main CRAs are:

They Can Affect Your Ability To Get Approved For A Loan From Some Lenders

How to check your credit without hurting your score – Credit Tip #10

While you may be able to get approved with a lower credit score, a majority of lenders look for a high credit rating before approving any kind of loan. Hence, the pool of possible lenders will be smaller if your score is low. If you are rejected from multiple lenders, it will only affect your credit rating further.

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Importance Of Credit History

On the off chance that you miss an installment on one of your credit accounts, be it a credit card, personal loan, loan against property, or any other kinds of credit, you could see your credit rating drop. Hence, banks and NBFCs may see you as a customer who defaults on payments.

Banks and NBFCs utilize the data on your credit report to check your risk as a borrower. It is important to note that your payment history has the most important effect on your credit rating. While a background marked by on-time payments suggests that you are a responsible borrower and will likely repay your loan on time, a credit history filled with late payments could send a red flag to the lender that you are a risky borrower.

In case you have an installment that is over 30 days late, your lender has all the rights to report it to the credit reporting organization and send it for collections. Needless to say, this will have a detrimental effect on your credit score. The late installment can appear on your credit report and be considered into your overall creditworthiness. Late installments will be recorded on your credit report on the condition how late they are: 30 days late, 60 days late, 90 days late, 120 days late, 150 days late, or charged off.

But how much of an effect does one late credit card payment have on your credit score? Read on to know more.

How Do You Accept Credit Card Payments For Small Business

Category: Credit 1. How to Accept Credit Card Payments Without a Merchant In order for your small business to accept credit card payments without a merchant account, youll have to work with a payment service provider, Small businesses can accept credit card payments by using an online merchant gateway

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What Is A Credit Report

A contains the history of your credit behavior and contains detailed information on all your loan and credit-related transactions with banks, companies, and other lenders. It can contain details of your credit activity from 7-10 years before. It is issued by one of the four credit bureaus, or credit rating agencies, in operation in India CIBILTM, Equifax, Experian, and CRIF High Mark.

Lenders use the data in the reports to evaluate your ability to make loan repayments and to decide whether you are creditworthy. If they approve your loan, the information in your report also helps them determine how much to lend, at what rates, and for what period of time.

Your Credit Score Will Affect Your Interest Rate

Why Your Credit Score is Wrong

This is an oft-asked question by first time homebuyers what is a good credit score to buy a house? Well, just having a good credit score doesnt mean you will get approved. And just having a bad credit score doesnt mean you will get rejected. It all depends on your payment history. Getting approved for a home loan with a great credit score does not mean you are going to get a great deal. Your credit score will affect the interest rate you get. Poor credit score often leads to higher interest rates and increased closing costs leading to a higher monthly payment. Naturally, the higher your credit score the lower your interest rate will be. You will also get more favorable terms and conditions.

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Why Is A Credit Score Check Important

If you use credit and have a credit score, you must understand how to check your credit score. Regular credit score checks will help you to understand what comprises your credit score, hard and soft inquiries, and much more.

Many people believe that checking the credit score will negatively impact their score. Thus, they tend to avoid regularly checking the same and thereby missing out on the identification of errors or inaccuracies on their credit report. This can lead to a lower credit score. Hence, it is important to regularly check your credit report and credit score to track errors and ensure that your score is as per your expectations.

Debit Card Builds A Credit Score

Debit cards do not contribute to building your credit history or getting a credit score. Since a debit card is a tool to access your savings account balance and does not cover the concept of credit, any transactions done with a debit card will not be considered to build your credit history or credit score. You must avail a credit card or a loan to open your quota of credit history. Once your credit history is built, your credit score will be generated. However, it will take a few months to move from NA to a score.

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Will A Partial Payment Prevent Me From Being Reported Late

When you cant afford the minimum amount due or the regular monthly payment, making a partial payment can feel like a good-faith effort. But partial payments arent always a way to avoid being reported late or sent to collections. It can help if you have only one single missed payment. But if you do it on a regular basis, it can have a detrimental defect on your credit score.

Maxing Out Your Credit Cards Each Month

How to Get Out of Debt Without Hurting Your Credit Score | Freedom Debt Relief

Lets say you pay your bills early every single month and never miss a payment, but you cant help but rack up balances that continue growing every month. This can be a huge problem for your credit since the amounts you owe in relation to your credit limits, called , make up 30% of your FICO score.

Whats the problem? According to, credit score formulas see borrowers who constantly max out their cards as a potential risk. Thats why its a good idea to keep low credit card balances and not overextend your credit utilization, they report.

Whats the best utilization rule? Credit reporting agency Experian says you should strive to keep your credit balances below 25% to 30% of your limits to achieve the best results. This means that, if your total credit limit across all your is $10,000, you should never owe more than $2,500 to $3,000. If you maintain balances higher than that in relation to your credit limits, you should fully expect your credit score to take a hit.

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Does Checking My Credit Score Lower It

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If you check your credit score yourself, it doesnt lower it. But if a lender or credit card issuer does, it might.

Either way, youll see an inquiry on your credit report. It means that someone you or a lender pulled your credit.

If you have applied for credit, youre likely to see the lenders or card issuers listed on your report. You may also see collection agencies, lenders to whom you have not applied and records of when you checked your own credit.

How Often Does A Credit Score Change

Since the score is a living record of a person’s financial history, it can change on a daily basis. Typically, your credit score will be updated as new payments, account balance changes, new credit inquiries, or fluctuations in your outstanding debt take place. Though small changes in your credit score don’t matter much, it’s important to monitor your score for major changes. Unanticipated things like identity theft can damage your score.

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Full Credit Report Services


You can apply for your credit record as often as you like without harming your chances of getting credit.

You can get free 30-day trials of more comprehensive credit checking services from Experian and Equifax. These include your full credit report.

However, you normally have to give your credit or debit card details when you sign up to the free trial. Money will be taken from your account unless you cancel in time.

How To Check Without Hurting Your Credit Score

Does checking your own credit score hurt your credit score ...

If you are car shopping, it’s a good idea to get preapproved for a car loan before heading out to the dealership. That has always been Edmunds’ advice, and it’s as sound as ever.

With a preapproved loan offer in hand, you can quickly decide whether the finance rate the car dealership offers you is the better deal or not. Being preapproved means you’re free to focus on the price of the car and make sure you’re getting one that best suits your needs. And since a preapproved shopper already knows the loan’s repayment terms, there is no need to get caught up in lengthy payment negotiations that take place at some dealership showroom negotiation tables.

Once you know a loan’s annual percentage rate, you can calculate your payments.

But if you have less-than-platinum credit there’s a snag: It’s not always easy to find out what your actual interest rate will be. To get that, you may need to have your credit run, and that’s usually done with what’s called a “hard” inquiry, which can create new problems. Read on to see why and to learn about prequalification, which may be a better way to go.

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