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Does Changing My Name Affect My Credit Rating

Why Your Address Matters

Does Opening A New Credit Card Hurt My Credit Score? Credit Card Insider

When applying for a credit card, loan, or another credit product, you will be asked to provide your address . Along with your name and date of birth, your address is one of the few things reliably available from every lender you have an account with. For this reason, credit reporting bureaus use your address to:

  • verify your identity and distinguish you from someone else with the same name who may be living in the same city; and
  • find all the various accounts you have and attribute them correctly to you.
  • It’s very important to use the same address consistently across all your accounts. This is especially true given the confusing format of some addresses, like those of a flat or unit in a complex. While the credit reporting bureaus have algorithms to detect similar addresses 1 Main St. and 1, Main St can be identified as being the same as 1 Main Street ;don’t make it any more difficult that it has to be.

    How Do I Change My Name In My Uk Passport After Marriage

    To update your new name, youll need to apply for a new UK passport with supporting documents as evidence of your name change.

    The document could be a marriage certificate or a deed poll, depending on your new name.

    Youll apply for a new passport from HM Passport Office.;

    Even though youre only trying to update your name, youll get a brand new passport with 10-year validity. If you have any old visas, they should still be valid in most cases.;

    But you should check with the relevant authorities of the visa-issuing country on whether they will accept your old visa under your new name, or if you should re-apply for a new visa.

    For detailed information about how to apply for a new passport after a name change, including costs, required documentation, how to get help, and contact information, check out our article on applying for a new passport after a name change.;

    Do Organisations Need My Consent To Carry Out A Credit Search

    Data protection law doesnt actually require these organisations to have gained your consent before they can carry out a search of your credit file as long as they have a lawful basis for doing so and you have been told that this search is going to take place. If you have taken out a loan or credit card you will probably find this in the original terms and conditions that you signed.

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    I Received A Copy Of My Credit File And There Is No Electoral Roll Information On There I Am Definitely Registered To Vote And This Has Caused My Credit Score To Drop What Can I Do About This

    If you find that your electoral roll information is inaccurate, or missing, from your credit file the first thing you should do is raise this as a dispute with the CRA that you obtained your credit file from. They can, in the first instance, try and match you to the correct information. There are easy mistakes to identify such as an obvious mis-keying of a house number or misspelling of a name and in these cases the correct information can be merged, or separated as appropriate. The CRA should reply to let you know that they have resolved the issue or, if they are unable to, explaining why.

    If, after raising a dispute with the CRA they have failed to resolve the issue you may want to make a complaint;to the ICO. You can find more information about how to make a complaint and the evidence we require in section 5 of our guidance.

    You may also wish to contact your local authority as well to ensure that the information regarding your address is correct, for example, the right postcode, flat number, etc.;;

    Consent And Credit Checks


    In general, you need to give permission, or your consent, for a business or individual to use your credit report.

    In the following provinces a business or individual only needs to tell you that they are checking your credit report:

    • Prince Edward Island
    • Saskatchewan

    Other provinces require written consent to check your credit report. When you sign an application for credit, you allow the lender to access your credit report. Your consent generally lets the lender use your credit report when you first apply for credit. They can also access your credit at any time afterward while your account is open.

    In many cases, your consent also lets the lender share information about you with the credit bureaus. This is only the case if the lender approves your application.

    Some provincial laws allow government representatives to see parts of your credit report without your consent. This includes judges and police.

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    Go Through The Credit Report

    Checking your credit report for errors is of utmost importance. This becomes even more necessary after you have changed your name . After you have informed the credit bureau and the lender about the change, you must wait for a month and then send a request for your credit report. In this report, you can check if the credit bureau has updated the spelling of your name or not. Your eligibility for a loan or a credit card is based on your credit report. Banks have to exercise due

    diligence while checking your credit report as per Reserve Bank of India’s regulations before sanctioning a loan. So, you need to keep your credit report up to date. In a nutshell, changing your name’s spelling or even changing your last name after marriage or divorce has no impact on your Credit/CIBIL Score. What you need to understand is that you need to be proactive and inform your lender about this update as this information goes to the credit bureaus too.

    Someone Else Has Used My Details To Try To Get Credit Fraudulently And There Have Been Lots Of Searches Carried Out In My Name Can I Get These Removed From My Credit File

    Searches on your credit file should not have a negative impact on your credit history. Lots of searches in a short space of time however can imply that you are having problems getting credit which, in itself, can impact an organisations decision about whether it will give you credit or not.

    If you believe you have been a victim of fraud you should report it to the relevant fraud departments of the organisations involved. As fraud is a crime, you should consider reporting this issue to the police if they are not already aware.;You may wish to report the suspected fraud to Action Fraud as well.

    The ICO cannot investigate matters of fraud as this falls outside of our remit, and we do not have the power to make a decision on whether or not an account has been opened and/or operated fraudulently.

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    What Should I Do If My Name Has Been Changed

    There is a certain course of action that you need to follow if your name has been changed. The following points are extremely important:CIBIL needs to be notified

    If you have been diligent with regard to your credit history by paying your outstanding loans and credit card payments on time, you need to inform CIBIL about your change of name at once.

    You could write a mail to CIBIL regarding the change in your name so that CIBIL does not delay in updating your new spelling or surname post marriage or divorce.

    You could alternatively raise a dispute on the CIBIL site informing them to rectify your old name or surname.Important details that must be included

    When you want to write to CIBIL or raise a dispute to incorporate the new spelling of your name or your new surname, there are certain essential documents which need to be provided. These details are your current full name, the full name that has been registered with the banker or the lender, and your current address as per the records of your Aadhaar account, if it is linked to your loan account. If there is any proof indicating the change in your name or surname like your divorce settlement, affidavit from court as well as your marriage certificate.

    How You Will Know About A Cifas Warning

    #AskSusie – Why Does My Credit Score Change So Often?

    If there is a CIFAS warning against your name you will be able to see this on your credit file. If you are an innocent victim of fraud, CIFAS members must also send you a letter telling you that there is a CIFAS warning against your name.

    A CIFAS Member is not allowed to refuse an application or cancel a service you are getting, such as an overdraft agreement, just because there is a warning on your credit reference file. They must make further enquiries to confirm your personal details before making a decision.

    You can get tips and useful information from CIFAS on how to avoid identity theft and what to do if you are a victim of it.

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    I’ve Changed My Name What Do I Do

    To change your name on your accounts, bank cards and statements, youll need to visit a branch. Make sure to bring the relevant original documents with you eg marriage certificate, decree absolute or deed poll document.;;

    If you only want to change the name of an account, for example to tell the difference between a ‘bills account’ and a ‘number two account’, you can;change it here.

    The documents well accept are:

    • Civil partnership registration
    • Deed poll these dont need to to be witnessed by a solicitor but they must be signed by the person named on the deed, and that signature independently witnessed;
    • Statutory declaration with the signature of the named person, witnessed by a solicitor or magistrate
    • Driving licence
    • Passport

    If you have the following products, youll have to use the contact details shown here to make any changes.

    • Barclaycard you can change your details online or call 0800 151 0900
    • Mortgage call 0800 022 4022
    • Currency account call 0345 975 7575 . If you are a Barclays Wealth or Private Banking customer with us, please speak to your banker or servicing team directly

    My Credit File Is Showing Information About Someone Else Who Has The Same Name As Me But A Different Date Of Birth What Can I Do

    In most cases this will simply be a mix up as most of these cases are caused by people with the same name living at the same address, but it could also be a case of identity fraud.

    The first thing you should do is notify the CRA you obtained your credit file from of this error. They should be able to carry out further checks to understand what has gone wrong and take action to put it right. In some cases they may need you to provide evidence of your correct address, and should ask you to provide any information they need. If they respond refusing to amend this information you may wish to make a complaint;to us.

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    Focus On Repairing The Damage

    Decide on a plan that will address the problems. Make a list of collection accounts and amounts and pay them off, one at a time, if necessary. Are late payments dragging down their credit scores? Make sure they’re paid on time going forward. As soon as possible, reduce credit card balances to under 30% of the credit line to lower credit utilization . Additionally, your spouse might want to consider working with one of the best credit repair companies to remove any particularly stubborn negative marks.

    What Information Is Kept By Credit Reference Agencies

    How Long Does It Take My Credit Score To Change in Canada ...

    Credit reference agencies are companies which are allowed to collect and keep information about consumers’ borrowing and financial behaviour. When you apply for credit or a loan, you sign an application form which gives the lender permission to check the information on your . Lenders use this information to make decisions about whether or not to lend to you. If a lender refuses you credit after checking your credit reference file they must tell you why credit has been refused and give you the details of the credit reference agency they used.

    There are three credit reference agencies – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. All the credit reference agencies keep information about you and a lender can consult one or more of them when making a decision.

    The credit reference agencies keep the following information:

    If there has been any fraud against you, for example if someone has used your identity, there may be a marker against your name to protect you. You will be able to see this on your credit file.

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    Who Creates Your Credit Report And Credit Score

    There are two main credit bureaus in Canada:

    • Equifax

    These are private companies that collect, store and share information about how you use credit.

    Equifax and TransUnion only collect information from creditors about your financial experiences in Canada.

    Some financial institutions may be willing to recognize a credit history outside Canada if you ask them. This may involve extra steps. For example, you may request a copy of your credit report in the other country and meet with your local branch officer.

    You Can Still Get Credit If You Have A Low Credit Score

    If you have a low credit score, a lender may ask for a guarantor. A guarantor is a second person who signs a credit agreement to say they will repay the money if you don’t. This can be a way you can borrow money or get credit when on your own you might not be able to.

    If you are using a guarantor to borrow, they’ll also have to give information about their personal details so that the creditor can check they’re credit worthy. Try to pick a guarantor who is likely to have a good credit score.

    The guarantor is responsible for paying the money back if you don’t and they have the same rights as you under the credit agreement. For example, the guarantor should get the same information before and after signing an agreement.

    If you are thinking about agreeing to be a guarantor for someone else, make sure you understand what you are agreeing to. Read all the small print in the agreement before signing it.

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    If You Only Want To Change Your Title

    If you only want to change your title, lets say from Ms. to Mrs., for example, then you dont need to go through an official name change.

    Some official documents, like your passport, dont list titles. So, you can simply start using your preferred title right away.

    Remember, this is assuming youre keeping your pre-marriage/civil partnership name, and not taking your partners name or modifying your first or last name in any way.

    Is There Anything Else I Need To Know

    How QUICKLY Can I Change My Credit Score? FAQs

    Even though a name change doesnt factor into how your credit score is calculated, youll still want to make sure your personal information is correct on your credit report. If not, you can face issues, especially if you want to apply for a loan, new credit or even to move into a new apartment.

    That means monitoring your credit using tools like Rocket HomesSM to see when your name has been updated with lenders. Then, review your credit report with all three major credit bureaus and dispute any inaccurate information so you can get it resolved as soon as possible. For more articles like this one, check out our

    Rocket HQSM has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rocket HQ and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the authors alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities.

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    How Changing Address Affects Your Credit Score

    By Andrew Boyd;;|;;Updated 7th September 2021

    Whether you are about to move or have already moved, it is important to know how changing address affects your credit score.

    Thankfully, the most stressful part of moving to a new address will have more to do with storage boxes than credit scores! However, like many things in the world of personal finances, there are other factors to consider.

    Failure to update your details could have serious ramifications on your credit score and your finances in general, so let’s take a deeper look at how this works.

    Track your credit score with Finty. It’s free to sign up and you can check as often as you like online or with our app . Get started.

    Check Your Own Credit Report

    If you are applying for an overdraft, mortgage, credit card or other type ofloan, it is a good idea to check your credit report before you apply. It canhelp you spot any missed payments you did not realise were missed, or mistakesin your credit report.

    Importantly, you can get incorrect information corrected. You also have theright to add a statement to your credit report to explain any specialcircumstance see Rules below.

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    So If Changing Your Name Isnt The Answer How Can You Rebuild Your Credit Score

    Unfortunately there is no quick fix to rebuilding your credit score. Missed payments, defaults, CCJs or any debt management programmes that you have entered into will be held on your credit score for 6 years. However if you are coming up to the end of that period then there are a few steps that you can take to improve your position with lenders:

    • Ensure that you make all of your payments on time
    • Set a realistic budget and do your best to live within your means showing a responsible attitude to your finances will make you more appealing to lenders.
    • Regularly check your credit reports held with the 3 UK credit reference agencies. You can access your credit report for free from Experian, Equifax and . If you notice any errors, contact the company immediately to get them rectified.
    • Ask for a soft credit search from any lenders that you approach. This is a preliminary search that wont leave a trace a on your credit report. If this comes back positively then go ahead with the full application, however if you get a negative response at least a black mark wont be left on your credit record.


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