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Why Wont Equifax Give Me My Credit Report Online 2017

How Experian Calculates Credit Ratings

How to Read an Equifax Report

Experian relies on the Fair Isaacs Company , which provides a score from 300 to 850 based on an algorithm. According to Experian’s website, some factors that impact a credit score include the following:

  • The total amount of outstanding debt
  • Number of late payments
  • How long the accounts have been opened
  • The types of accounts such as a charge card versus a car loan

Experian’s credit reports are more than a number, however. Instead, Experian provides lenders a thorough look into a person’s credit history, which includes every credit product or debt that a person has opened or applied for to analyze how that person managed that debt.

Also, lenders often create their own credit scoring models based on a person’s credit history. As a result, the information in a person’s credit report can be interpreted differently by creditors.

Also, even when Experian and Equifax have the same information, a persons credit score can be wildly different. It is possible to have a poor score with one agency and an excellent score with the other. The lack of consistency can sometimes be due to how lenders report credit to credit bureaus. If a creditor reports to Experian but not Equifax, the credit scores from the two agencies for that person will likely be different. There is no indication that either of these agencies gives more poor or excellent scores than the other.

Why Aren’t All My Accounts Listed On My Equifax Credit Report

There are a couple of reasons why some accounts may not be listed on your Equifax credit report:

  • Not all lenders and creditors report to all three nationwide credit bureaus. Some report to only two, one or none at all. You can check with your lenders and creditors to find out which bureaus they report to.

How Do I Know If Ive Been Affected By The Equifax Breach

Equifax has a website where you can check. The company will not inform you otherwise, even though it has your address .

But even if your name doesnt appear on the website, its probably a good idea to freeze your credit anyway.

Why is freezing important? When a thief shows up with your Social Security number and address to apply for credit in your name, the lender will try to fetch your credit report before anything else happens. If it cant retrieve the report because of the freeze, then no new account for the thief.

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Im Worried About Someone Using My Data To File Tax Returns In My Name And Commit Refund Fraud Which Would Keep Me From Getting My Legitimate Refund Can I Do Anything To Stop It

New: Oct. 12 Your best bet is to file your returns early, in order to get ahead of thieves who may try to beat you to it.

Some people are eligible to receive personal identification numbers from the Internal Revenue Service each year, which youd have to include as you file your taxes in order to get your refund. For now, however, they are available only to people in places with high instances of fraud, like Florida, Georgia and the District of Columbia.

Victims of identity theft are also eligible to get a PIN if they fill out an affidavit, but the I.R.S. doesnt give them out so easily if your only claim is being a victim of a breach like Equifaxs. It notes that data breach victims should submit a Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit, only if your Social Security number has been compromised and your e-file return was rejected as a duplicate or I.R.S. has informed you that you may be a victim of tax-related identity theft.

I Keep Seeing Different Information About What The Thieves Actually Stole Could You Please List All Of It

unnamed file 1

Thieves may have your credit card number, too this is the case for more than 200,000 people, and Equifax has said that it let those people know by mail.

Equifax has said that it has no evidence of a breach in its core consumer or commercial credit reporting databases, so your payment history is not floating around in the ether somewhere. Nor did the thieves get PINs that people use to unlock their frozen credit files.

Oh, and TransUnion and Experian very much want you to know that their systems are not part of this particular breach.

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Why Is Equifax Sending People Activation Emails With Links Inside Of Them

Updated Oct. 16 The company said that the links and emails have been designed with security in mind, but I have a hard time fully believing that. Every bit of advice we get on security says to never click a link that is inside an email purporting to be from a financial services firm, even if it appears to be from a company that you already do business with. This is in case the email came from a hacker masquerading as a trusted source and the link is going to harvest information from you in some way.

Instead, the safest move is to go to the companys website by typing its address into a browser and then complete whatever task needs completing. The format of the activation email seems especially tone-deaf given that were just barely removed from a giant security breach.

Can’t Get Your Credit Report Online You’re Not Alone

Annual Credit Report was set up by the three major credit bureaus and the government, so that all of us can see what information, about us, is distributed to creditors, landlords, employers, insurance agents, utility services and more. The idea is that we can go online, answer a few questions about ourselves and the information in our reports and, viola, see our data.

Unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Many people experience problems accessing their reports online. When they cannot see their report, they are referred to a form that must be mailed into the credit bureaus in order to obtain their credit report.

What is rarely communicated with that form, is that people need to submit proof of their identity, as well. This typically means three pieces of information:

– An identification card .

– Item verifying social security number.

– Social security card

– Pay stub with the social security number

– W2 form

– Address verification. The drivers license or ID may be used for this purposes as well. Otherwise a rental or lease agreement, pay stub with address or utility bill are typically accepted.

If you do not submit these items with the form, the credit bureau will typically mail you a letter requesting them. This can make the process of obtaining your credit report take months.

When all of the necessary information is submitted to the credit bureaus together, you should receive your reports within two-to-four weeks.

Why Cant I Get My Report Online?

Quick Tips

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What You Should Know Before You Check Your Credit

Checking your regularly can help you spot errors and detect potentially fraudulent activity. Under federal law, youre entitled to a free credit report from each of the three major credit bureausEquifax, Experian, and TransUniononce every 12 months.

The three bureaus sponsor a website called for just that purpose. But is it safe to use? Impersonators used the site to obtain the reports of some celebrities in 2013, and there are several scam sites trying to imitate Heres what you should know before you access your reports.

How Big Is The Equifax Data Breach

3 Credit Cards that WONT Deny You (Instant Approval)

If we’re only looking at the numbers, the Equifax data breach isn’t the largest. The record for most consumers affected by a data breach goes to Yahoo, which had 500 million customers affected by a breach that occurred in 2014 and 1 billion customer records compromised in 2013. However, in terms of the type of information compromised and the fact that it’s a that suffered an attack, this might be the most significant data breach in history.

Social security numbers are perhaps the most important piece of identifying information that we have. With it, thieves can open credit cards, apply for a mortgage, buy a car, start a business, file taxes, apply for government benefits, pretty much pretend to be you, and leave the real you to deal with the fallout. Or, they can sell your information or post it online for others to use.

Swift action and continued monitoring are key for all of us to protect ourselves as much as possible. Here’s what everyone should do after the Equifax data breach.

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Building Up Your Credit Score Takes Time

Your credit score is something which builds up steadily over time. You may not always get to see a satisfying boost month on month.

Lenders tend to prefer to see a long-term pattern of dependable behaviour. All the changes to your report help to build up an overall picture of what kind of borrower you are. You need to consistently show the behaviour to prove itâs not simply a one-off.

So taking steps to improve your score will help to improve the overall health of your credit report and add to your standing with lenders. Lenders will look at your whole report, and not just your score when they are deciding whether or not to lend to you. This means all the positive information on your report can still be worthwhile, even if it doesnât change your score.

Submit Your Request By Phone:

To request your credit report free of charge by phone, use our Interactive Voice Response system: . Interactive Voice Response is an automated tool that gathers the required information to process your request through voice response or key pad selection. It is important to note that when requesting your free credit report by phone, you will be required to enter your Social Insurance Number . If you do not wish to provide your S.I.N., you will need to select a different option to submit your request such as mail or in person. If/when you complete the identity validation process, your credit report will be sent to your home address via Canada Post within 5-10 days.

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Have You Put A Fraud Alert On Your Credit Report

Fraud alerts are used to help protect your credit information. With a fraud alert on your file, a creditor or other business receiving your file should investigate further before extending credit or other benefits. If you place a fraud alert on your credit report, the consumer reporting agency must give you a free copy of your report. I dont recommend placing a fraud alert on your credit reports just to take advantage of this, but if you do suspect you are a victim of fraud, its important to review your reports for unauthorized activity.

Number of free reports: One, in the case of a standard fraud alert, or two in the 12 months after you place an extended fraud alter, from each agency with which you placed the alert.

How to request your report: When you place the fraud alert on your credit reports, you will be given instructions for requesting your free file disclosure. See the ordering instructions at the end of this article.

Review Your Reports For Mistakes Inaccuracies Items That Shouldn’t Appear

unnamed file 2

After you get your credit reports, be sure to review them and dispute any inaccurate information you find. If you’re planning to make a big purchase, like a house or a car, or a significant financial commitment, such as refinancing your mortgage, you might want to review information from all three agencies well in advance.

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Id Like To Punish Equifax By Joining A Class

New: Oct. 12 There is no need to join, according to Stuart Rossman, director of litigation at the National Consumer Law Center. There will be an eventual consolidation of all the federal suits against the company, and any person whose information ended up with the thieves will eventually be eligible for any award. He warns that recoveries tend to be quite small.

Equifax Must Provide Free Copies Of Your Credit Report

A data breach at Equifax in 2017 compromised the personal information of at least 147 million consumers. As part of a court settlement related to the hack in 2020, which was finalized in 2022, everyonewhether they were affected by the breach or notcan get six more free credit reports from Equifax each year for seven years.

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Equifax Mistake With My Credit Score Nearly Lost Me A Mortgage

I have been turned down for a remortgage on my property because of my credit score. This has come as a huge shock as I have never defaulted on a debt. I immediately checked with Experian and Noddle, both of which show excellent. However, Equifax rated me as poor!

I downloaded my report and found that my address, which is 56a, has been linked on its system to my neighbour at 56.

Equifax said that the fault lies with my bank and mortgage provider, who have my details wrong. When I checked, the companies do, in fact, have my correct address so the problem is Equifax. But it says it will take up to seven days to investigate.

I really cannot wait that long. If the default was removed the bank said it would reconsider. My mortgage is in the balance.

BW, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

You are among several readers to have had a mortgage compromised by the failure of a credit reference agency to record an address correctly. Equifax cant explain how your address was mismatched to several of your credit accounts but says it took immediate action when the error was identified.

Your credit score instantly soared. This case highlights the importance of checking your credit information with the three main UK credit reference agencies before you start making applications for new credit, it says.

The main players are Equifax, Experian and Callcredit.

You can view your credit report for £2, but since lenders use different agencies and do not share information, you have to pay each time.

Next Steps: Review Your Credit Reports

Credit Score Made Easy: How to Increase Your Credit Score and Keep It High

Now that you understand how to contact a credit bureau, its time to check your credit reports. Its important to review your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus to look for potential errors across all three they may not necessarily show the same information.

Mistakes on your credit reports could lead to lower credit scores, a loan denial or higher interest rates. If you find any errors, get in touch with the bureaus reporting the errors to begin the dispute process. Once any errors are corrected, your credit reports and credit scores will be a more accurate representation of your credit to potential lenders.

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What Do All The Different Reports Give You

Be careful of the reports that give you Equifax credit scores.In April 2021 Equifax changed its scoring to be 0-1000, but ClearScore hasnt yet changed and is still reporting the old-style 0-700 scores. This will change later in 2021.This doesnt really matter providing you know if you are looking at a score out of 700 or out of 1000.


CRAs EX = Experian EQ = Equifax TU = TransUnionTips often unhelpful suggestions about how you may be able to improve your credit scoreMatch suggests what other loans or credit cards you may be approved forFreq how often you can see a new report. Some let you see the up to date situation each time you use them . Others take a snapshot every 30 days .

How Do I Maintain A Good Equifax Score

  • Fix your payments: One of the biggest factors that affect your credit score is repayment behaviour, hence, it is important to pay all your bills and EMIs on time.
  • Pay amount in full: It is advised to pay your credit amount in full and avoid paying minimum balance due. This hampers your credit score and also projects you as credit hungry.
  • Dont close old accounts: When you delete your old credit accounts, it cuts your credit history. This will negatively affect your credit score. The age of your credit is the another biggest factor that comprises credit score.
  • Avoid multiple credit enquiries: You should avoid making multiple credit enquiries as this will trigger hard checks. The bank will carry out a hard check to determine your creditworthiness, however, each hard check reduces your credit score.
  • Monitor credit report: It is a good habit to monitor your credit report from time to time as an error in your credit report can bring down your credit score. If you come across any errors in your credit report, you should dispute them at the earliest.

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More Than One Annual Credit Report

You could be eligible for an additional credit report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act during any 12-month period if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You are unemployed and intend to apply for employment within 60 days
  • You receive public welfare assistance
  • You believe your credit report contains inaccurate information due to fraud.

You are also entitled to a free copy of your credit report if you meet these requirements:

  • You have been the subject of adverse action, such as denial of credit or insurance, within the past 60 days.
  • You have placed a fraud alert on your credit reports.

If any of these situations apply to you, you can request your additional free copy of your Equifax credit report:

  • On our automated phone line: 685-1111. Hours are 7:30 a.m. 1:30 a.m. ET.

If you’re sending your request by mail, please be sure to include your name, Social Security number, current and previous addresses, and date of birth. For your protection, you will also need to verify your identity through an acceptable form of identification. Find out more about acceptable forms of identification.


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