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Does Jd Byrider Report To Credit

Jd Byrider Reported Repossession After Discharge

Does JD Byrider take late payments?

wrote:My BK7 discharge went through 1/13/15. I just checked my experian report and they’ve reported the car I surrendered as a repossession. Last month they reported it as a late payment. I was under the impression that that is a complete violation of the automatic stay and the discharge to report that? What can I do? I filed my bankruptcy pro se so I don’t have a lawyer to talk to.

Two points:

1) yes it is a violation of the discharge injunction to now report it as a repossession when the debt has been successfully discharged

2) my guess: they saw you were pro se and decided to take advantage

Now it is time to hire an attorney since they have violated the discharge injunction. Get a good consumer attorney to represent you. The creditor will be responsible for your attorney fees and you will make some money off the bad reporting of the tradeline. Get right on it though. This is NOT the time to do it yourself.

Here Is How Byrider Can Help:

  • Buying a used car through a traditional dealership can take time a lot of time. That might be time you cant afford to spend trying to close a deal on the sale of a vehicle. If you are in a hurry for one reason or another, shopping at a buy here pay here lot like Byrider is the best choice.
  • Improving your credit score. Buying a car from a buy here pay here lot and making your payments on time is a great way toward improving a credit score. There are many possible benefits to having a higher credit score, and shopping with us is a solid first step toward getting there.
  • Easy approval. This is one of the main reasons to shop at Byrider. If you have been declined for an auto loan at a traditional dealer, shop with Byrider for a new way of doing business.
  • Custom payment plan. We want your car loan to work for you. We can customize your payment schedule to match the times when you will have funds available.
  • Low down payments. At Byrider, down payments can be as low as $0. Even if you need to put a little money down, we like to keep this amount as low as possible to help you get out on the road.
  • I Would Give This Company A Zero If

    I would give this company a zero if given the option. I have had nothing but trouble out of these people. Horrible company! The first car I was buying broke down within two to three months. It took more than two months to repair it. In the mean time, no loaner car at all. I had to find alternative ways to get to my dialysis treatment, when I was even able to find a ride. Then, they tricked me into buying on another car. Within 6 months, the computer started going out on it. Again, I found my way back to no transportation, as they would not lift a finger to help me repair it. All they said was that if I could have it hauled to their garage, they would fix it if I would pay on it. Huh? Do they not know customer service? Hmmm…. I think that sounds a little off. RIP OFFF COMPANY, by far, the worst I’ve known of, and certainly, the worst I have dealt with. I ended up going to another car lot and getting one. Thousands of dollars lost, and nothing to show for it!

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    I Have Bad Credit Can I Get Car Financing

    We hear this question everyday, and we’re hear to say “Yes You Can!”

    And unlike traditional used car financing, we base your approval on your ability to make easy payments instead of on past mistakes.

    That’s why over 1.2 million used car customers have chosen to buy their vehicles from Byrider!

    Simply follow the easy steps below and our in-house financing team will work to get you in a car today!

    Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy A Car From Jd Byrider

    JD Byrider coupon

    10- VARIETY:

    While I am not particularly choosy when it comes to cars, I do like having a little variety involving this type of purchase. My visits to J.D. Byriders lots rewarded me with nothing but rows and rows of second rate rentals. Not to put the following brands down, but Chevy Cavaliers, Ford Escorts, and old Saturns were not exactly what I was looking for. And it seemed that these types of cars are all J.D. Byrider has.


    This may sound a little strange. But the J.D. Byrider facilities are a little TOO perfect. Sure, I have visited pristine car dealerships before. However, something about this company just didnt jive. For instance, while the facility was extremely clean, I noticed that it felt more like a store than a dealership where Id be conducting heavy-duty business. Most dealerships have their finest products parked on the inside of the building, so that customers may peruse as they see fit-not so at J.D. Byrider. As a matter of fact, I noticed the company even has everything BUT cars on its website. This was my first red-flag.

    7- THE TOUR:


    5- CAMERAS:

    4- NO TEST DRIVE ?!?! :


    2- LAWSUITS:


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    Do Not I Repeat Do Not Buy Any Vehicles

    Do not I repeat do not buy any vehicles from JB RIDER in Holland, they buy water damage vehicle and resell them. I been leasing a vehicle from them since 2019. Recently the vehicle started acting strange so I take it to the mechanic who informed me that under the car is rusted out really bad that it had to be a water damage vehicle. Everytime he welded a piece, rust just falling so bad that he have to add a bar which first welding was 1400 and now I need to pay 500 for him to weld a bar because of the rust. Then I called them to inform them of what’s going on because I don’t have a payment for them at this time to be told I need to get a better welder. The owner of this JB RIDER knows he buying water damage/damaged cars and don’t care. This vehicle had 37 reports of damages on Carfax.

    Submit Our Quick & Easy Get Me Financed Form

    When you submit online for a bad credit used car loan, you will be contacted by a Chandler Byrider used car financing specialist to talk about your unique situation and help to identify the used car and payment plan that is best for your needs.

    Use the quick and easy used car bad credit financing form on this page to jump start the approval process!

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    I Was So Happy When Ever I Got This

    I was so happy when ever I got this vehicle. That is untill I had for like a week or so. There are so many problems this this vehicle. It brought me to my knees. I feel so insulted and taken advantage of. All I wanted was a safe working vehicle that will fit all 5 of my kids. Now I am stuck paying for a vehicle that I can barley drive. There are issues with the engine and electrical issues. I asked so many times if there was anything wrong with the vehicle. I actually asked the lady on the phone who scheduled me to come in for the van and the actual sales rep. They both told me nothing is wrong g with it. I only had the car for a week or so before I noticed problems. Then you van never get a hold of anybody. It’s not like the receptionist makes apt for service. She answers the phone and forwards you to a voice-mail. I can imagine their service dept being so busy with them selling broken cars and all. Do not ever buy a vehicle from here. Unless your a lawyer who can go after them. This place is awful. The sales reps are so kind so you do not think that your being ripped off. But trust me you are.

    Big joke dont buy a car they dont know what they are doing mine broke down yet again today and was in shop month ago and they said they fixed this lol

    How Much Money Do I Need To Make Each Month To Qualify For Financing

    Squeal Like Fresh Tires in a Parking Garage at Byrider

    We dont just look at your credit score or how much you make. This is one of the many reasons why customers with less-than-perfect credit come to us. Our approval process depends on your budget and what you can afford after you pay your other living expenses. Well help you figure out the best car payment for you, and put you into a vehicle that meets your needs and your budget.

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    On The Road To A Better Future

    We understand that life happens, and sometimes that means your credit score suffers. A low credit score can cause a lot of problems other than just making it difficult to get approved for an auto loan. We want to help our customers rebuild their credit while paying off their auto loans.

    We want you to get on with your life after you drive off our lot. By shopping at Byrider, you could get approved for a great used car AND take the first step in rebuilding your credit.

    Please Read Im Not Writing This Out Of Anger Just Want To Help Potential Buyers

    DO NOT Come to this place. Listen I understand that not having my real name or image on here may make you question the validity of what I’m saying but please trust me. I know your going there because your credit isn’t good enough to get a vehicle elsewhere, you need a car now I get it .Whatever you can do please do not go here. CNAC as a finance company and byrider are scammers. Yes there are some reviews on here that gave them 5 stars but understand some can be false accounts or based on their initial service. Go check out CNAC and JD Byrider on the Better business bureau website and look at the score and complaints. If thats not enough google the Lawsuit that happened to JD Byrider in Massachusetts. Please save yourself the financial handcuffs and headache and avoid. I purchased a vehicle here in September of 2021 and the car broke down January 15th of 2022. Theyre not gonna fix it and look at the image below when i went to go check on the car look how they have it parked up against the cement wall in their “Repair Shop”. I spoke to the manager Russ from JD Byrider and his statement was “I cant help you sorry im not the one with the messed up engine.” Which is pretty crazy to say do your research please and dont go unless its the last resort.

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    Does Jd Byrider Help Your Credit

    At Byrider, we want our customers to get credit for the hard work and dedication it takes to pay off their car loans and thats where credit reporting can help. We report all of your payments to the three major credit bureaus. As you make your full, on-time payments on your vehicle, it can only reflect positively on your credit!

    Get The Credit For Your Payments


    If youve been struggling to get approved for financing because of bad credit or no credit, it can feel like a major win when you finally do get approved for one. But your winnings shouldnt stop there!

    At Byrider, we want our customers to get credit for the hard work and dedication it takes to pay off their car loans and thats where credit reporting can help. We report all of your payments to the three major credit bureaus. As you make your full, on-time payments on your vehicle, it can only reflect positively on your credit!

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    Will My Car Payment Go Down If I Pay Extra

    You can always make a higher payment and reduce your loan balance. However, if you make an extra payment, your car payment will not go down. The auto loan company instead reduces your loan balance and shortens the term of your loan. The auto loan company doesnt keep loans on their own balance sheet.

    How Does Goldstar Connect Work

    With GoldStar Connect, consumers gain a host of added benefits with their car purchase, including: Safety and Security. GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities enable consumers to know the location of the vehicle at all times, helping to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the driver. Trip History.

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    Re: Jd Byrider Reported Repossession After Discharge

    FYI – if you were 30 days late prior to filing – your creditor is allowed legally to continue to report the progression of that account – so that means they can report 60/90/120/CO in the payment history and is perfectly legal.

    As long as the TL says the acct was IIB and has a zero balance, that is all that matters.


    FYI – if you were 30 days late prior to filing – your creditor is allowed legally to continue to report the progression of that account – so that means they can report 60/90/120/CO in the payment history and is perfectly legal.

    As long as the TL says the acct was IIB and has a zero balance, that is all that matters.

    Can the I I was under the impression the lender can report 30/60/90 days up until discharge? I understand the automatic stay to include no contact with the customer after filing but can still consider any acct late right up to the date of discharge by the courts. Can this be clarified? Thanks.

    Rebranding For Jd Byrider A Giant Among Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealerships

    Bad Credit? $0 Delivers!

    J.D. , a chain of so-called buy-here, pay-here used-car dealerships that cater to customers with risky, subprime credit histories or no credit history, is rebranding itself beginning this week, to encourage a more customer-friendly image and to signal improvements aimed at friendlier and faster customer handling, especially online.

    The big change for us is more on customer engagement, CEO Craig Peters said in a phone interview. We are doing more in the digital space. Our web site and not just our web site, our whole online presence is much improved.

    J.D. Byrider, based in Carmel, Ind., was founded in 1989. It serves about 150 U.S. dealerships, including 30 company-owned locations. The rest are independent franchisees. Altamont Capital Partners acquired the company in 2011.

    byrider: Buy. Finance. Drive On, is the companys new tagline. The new branding drops the J.D. in J.D. Byrider, and lower-cases the “byrider.” New ads emphasize the idea that customers can get on with other aspects of improving their lives, once they have a car.

    If you could just finance a car, life would be so much easier. So stop wondering, What if? and start moving forward. byrider: Buy. Finance. Drive On, one ad says.

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    It’s Tax Time Take Yall Business Some

    it’s tax time take yall business some were else beside jd by rider that’s not a good option they over price they cars and when you make your payment most of the payment going toward the loan and not the there for your balance is not going down any I’ll never deal with them never again.

    Read 1 more review about J.D. Byrider

    Why Is Jd Byrider A Ripoff

    The AG’s complaint alleged that JD Byrider sold its cars at more than twice their actual value, forced consumers into loans with high interest rates without regard for the consumers’ credit qualifications, and sold consumers expensive extended service contracts that stipulated they could only get their cars repaired by …

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    How Do I Make Payments

    There are a number of ways to make your payment. You can set up ACH to have your payment occur automatically. You can . You can pay in person at any Oak Motors location by credit card, debit card, money order or check. We have a drop box at each location for after hour drops for either money orders or checks, which will be posted to your account the next business day. You can mail your payment to the lender if that is more comfortable or convenient. We can also take your payment over the phone for a small processing fee if that works best for you. Check out our partner site for more details.

    Can I Get A Car With A 500 Credit Score

    Does J.D. Byrider report car payments to the credit bureau?

    Its possible to get a car loan with a credit score of 500, but itll cost you. People with credit scores of 500 or lower received an average rate of 13.97% for new-car loans and 20.67% for used-car loans in the second quarter of 2020, according to the Experian State of the Automotive Finance Market report.

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    How Do You Buy A Car With No Credit

    Pedal to the metal. But before you hit the brakes on your dream of a new car, here are a few options for buying a car with no credit history: Co-sign. Youre more likely to drive away with a loan if you find a co-signer who has good credit. In co-signing, someone agrees to add his or her name to your car loan.


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