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How To Get A Paid Judgement Off Your Credit Report

Understanding Satisfaction And Release


If a creditor sues an individual because they have not paid a bill, and the creditor wins the lawsuit, the judge decides how much the consumer must pay the creditor. Once the borrower has met their obligations under the judgmentthat is, once they have repaid the creditor the amount that the judge mandatedthe creditor should sign a satisfaction and release.

The signed release, like the original judgment, becomes part of the public court record and should be reported to the so that the defendant’s credit report will indicate that they have met their obligations under the judgment. A credit bureau is an agency that collects a person’s credit history from lenders and creditors so that a credit report for a person can be generated.

The is used by creditors to make a determination of whether a person is creditworthy enough to extend credit and by how much. A credit report can include the number of times a person has been late on their payments and the number of credit products or loans that are open or have been opened.

The report also shows any derogatory marks, such as judgments from not paying back a creditor. A person’s overall credit history is condensed and represented as a numerical value called a . The credit score calculation can vary depending on the specific credit bureau.

Also, there are many factors that can affect a person’s credit score, and each credit bureau might apply a slightly different weighting to each of those factors from a person’s credit history.

Is The Judgment Legal

When a debt is in collections and you are served with a lawsuit, you are given about 30 days to object to the filing if you have a cause. If you can prove that the debt is invalid, you can get the hearing for the judgment dismissed. If you do nothing — even if its invalid, it will be entered as a default judgment. For this reason, you should never ignore the request for entry from the court. If you can prove its erroneous or has flaws, show up and prove it!

Maybe you were not properly served. Contact the courthouse and see what the file says about service. If you were improperly served, you could get the judgment aside. The courthouse will charge you a small fee to send you copies, or you can go in person. Some offer their records online now.

Additionally, if a collection agency has sued you without giving you the mandatory 30-day notice to dispute the validity of the debt, then that violates the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. This could be used to ask that the court dismiss the judgment. There are certain restrictions to using the validation of debt under the FDCPA. You cannot use VOD on a judgment, but if the collection agency or attorney never allowed you to dispute the debt upon receiving their first notice, the judgment would be entered in error.

Judgment On Your Credit Reports

  • Removing a judgment from your credit reports

  • Dismissing/disputing a judgment

  • Vacating a judgment

If a creditor or collection agency has sued you, that results in a money judgment. A judgment wont guarantee that the creditor will be paid because he still has to hunt for your bank accounts and assets — but if he knows where they are, they can apply to seize them. This is a very stressful situation to be in because you are constantly worrying will today be the day my bank account gets hit? Will the judgment creditor seize my car?

A money judgment is a security for the debt you owe, like how a house secures a mortgage or a car secures a loan. By placing a judgment against you, the creditor can continue to monitor your assets to find an in to collect.

Hopefully, here we can show you some protection methods if you’ve got a judgment against you and are worried about what will happen if you are sued. There may be several things you can do, including fighting the judgment, vacating the judgment, and settling the judgment out of court.


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Effective Ways: How Do I Get An Eviction Off My Credit Report

Evictions are an issue that can haunt you for way too long.

Make sure your eviction is actually on your credit report first. Many people jump the gun once they are evicted and assume it was reported.

An eviction is a non-credit account, so it isn’t reported to the three major credit bureaus.

But, if the eviction is apart of a collection or a judgment, the eviction is reported to the credit bureaus .

It wont be reported unless your Landlord gets a monetary judgment against for past due rent.

Hope The Judgment Expires

How To Improve Your Credit Score

If the statute of limitations runs out and the creditor doesn’t renew your judgment, you are free.

But you might be wondering, how can I wait out those years if a creditor can collect through garnishment and other powerful means?

The point is that creditors can only claim possessions over a certain value, and there is a limit to garnishment. Technically, it is possible to wait the judgment out.

Just remember, judgments accrue interest. Creditors sometimes use this to their advantage. Even if your situation doesn’t allow them to take money from you right now, they may keep renewing the judgment again and again, waiting for the day you’ll have the means to pay up.

Before you think about buying that nice car, find out whether your judgment is still active.

Hopefully, the creditor will just give up. But they have their own reason for asking, How long does a judgment last? Accruing interest gives creditors a reason to be persistent.

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How Long Does It Last

So, now that it’s happened, how long does a judgment last?

Every state has a different time limit for every kind of debt. This time limit is called a statute of limitations. Here’s a list of each state’s statute of limitations for judgment debts specifically.

Statute of Limitations for a Judgment


File A Dispute With The Credit Reporting Agency

Once you have your report, look through each account and see if there are creditors or accounts you dont recognize. Its also important to check whether older derogatory items are still being reported.

If you do find errors in your reports, dispute them directly with the reporting bureau through its website or by mail. This will prompt an investigation on the bureau’s part.

Bear in mind that you have to dispute the entry with each agency to make sure the removal is complete across the board.

How to file a dispute online

Each bureau Equifax, Experian and TransUnion has a section dedicated to walking consumers through the online dispute process. Once you create an account, you can file as many disputes as you need and check their status for free.

How to file a dispute letter

You can also send a dispute letter to the bureaus detailing any inaccuracies you’ve found in your credit file. When writing your letter, provide documentation that supports your claim and be precise about the information you are challenging. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends enclosing a copy of your report with the error circled or highlighted.

Depending on the information being disputed, these are some of the documents you can provide to help aid the investigation:

  • Copies of checks

Include this dispute form with your letter.

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How To Handle A Judgement Or Court Action

If you find yourself taken to court by a creditor, we can help you. If you owe money, you could end up with a court judgement against you. Well help you navigate through tough court judgements without fear.While laws vary among each state, weve helped our clients navigate their way to safety after a court action or judgement. Let us help you get the support you need to handle your judgement.

If You Pay The Debt Within 1 Month Of The Date Of The Ccj

When To Pay Credit Card Bill (INCREASE CREDIT SCORE!)

If you pay the debt in full within 1 month of the date of the CCJ, you can apply to the court have your entry in the Register removed. You’ll need to get a certificate from the court to prove you’ve paid off the debt.

Youll have to pay for the certificate but the fee can be waived or reduced if youre on a low income.

If your entry is removed from the Register, the credit reference agencies will be told and details of your CCJ will be removed from your record.

You might be able to get credit again once the CCJ has been removed.

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Updating The Registry Trust

Once the CCJ has been set aside, the court should automatically update the Registry Trust to let them know. This will result in the CCJ being permanently removed.

Occasionally, the court forgets to update the Registry Trust, in which case you may need to remind them. You can also contact the Registry Trust directly with evidence that its been set aside. The best evidence to send them is the court order setting aside the judgment. They will usually check with the court to make sure its genuine.

The Registry Trust will update all of the credit reference agencies, although this sometimes takes a few days.

Once this has happened, the CCJ will be completely removed from your credit file.

How To Remove Negative Items Related To Identity Theft

If you believe youve been a victim of identity fraud, you should first file a dispute with the Federal Trade Commission online at or by phone at 1-877-438-4338. You should also file a police report.

After you report the incident, make sure to take the following steps:

  • Request a copy of your credit report through
  • Look out for unauthorized transactions or new accounts that dont belong to you
  • Contact the credit bureaus through phone or mail to dispute any credit information that doesnt belong to you
  • Place a security freeze and fraud alert on your credit report
  • Contact creditors to close compromised accounts
  • Consider subscribing to an identity theft protection or credit monitoring service

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What Is A Judgment

A civil judgment refers to a ruling made by a court during a lawsuit. Often, people have civil judgments because of unpaid collections or other financial obligations. A judgment on your credit report shows up as a public record placed there by the credit bureaus.

Anyone can see public records, and the three major credit bureaus collect them to show future lenders your credit history. Its basically a decision by the court describing the result of the lawsuit.

How To Remove A Paid Judgment From Your Credit Report

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Credit reports in the US are maintained by 3 major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Effective July 1, 2018, the 3 major credit bureaus no longer maintain records of civil judgments as part of your credit history. However, it’s possible that a judgment you paid slipped through the cracks. If you find a paid judgment on your credit report, you can file a dispute to have it removed.XResearch source

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Get Your Judgment Removed Today

If youre looking for a reputable credit repair company to help you remove a judgment from your credit report and repair your credit, we highly recommend Lexington Law.

Call them at for a free credit consultation. They have helped many people in your situation and have paralegals standing by waiting to take your call.

Ways: How To Dispute An Eviction On Credit Report

Read over your eviction notice thoroughly to know which type of eviction you were served. Depending on which one you may have some wiggle room like simply offering to pay your debt.

  • Cure or quit evictions are when a renter breaks the lease terms like plays music too loud or removed carpet
  • Pay or quit evictions are when you failed to pay your rent on time
  • Unconditional quit evictions are made under harsh conditions, which usually lead to the renter being asked to leave the property by a certain time.
  • Catch It Before It Hits Collections

    You have a good chance of getting this done if you have a Pay or quit and Cure or quit eviction.

  • Communicate with the property manager and let them know you wish to remove a blemish from your credit.
  • Pay them or work out a payment plan.
  • When it is paid in full get a letter stating it is paid in full.
  • Send a letter to credit bureaus asking to mark as paid and current
  • If The Information is True: Can I Remove An Eviction From My CR?

    Nope. Unfortunately, evictions are public records.

    They are in the same boat as Tax Liens, Civil Court Judgments, Bankruptcies, and Collections. Thats why its best to catch it/ speak to your landlord or property management before going to collection agencies if you can.

    You never know what they can do for you until you ask.

    How long do evictions stay on your record

    In most states, an eviction will come off your .

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    Good Luck!

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    Negative Credit Report Entries That Impact Your Score The Most

    Most accurate negative items stay in your file for around seven years. Fortunately, their impact diminishes as time goes by, even if they are still listed on the report.

    For example, a collection from a few years ago will carry less weight than a recent one especially if there arent any new negative items in your history. Improving your debt management after receiving a derogatory mark can show lenders you’re unlikely to repeat the issue and help increase your score.

    These are the most common items that can lower your credit score:

    Multiple hard inquiries

    Multiple hard credit checks over a short amount of time are a red flag for lenders, as it tells them that you are applying for credit too often and, potentially, being denied.

    However, there are some exceptions to this. For example, if youre looking to buy a home and want to compare interest rates between several lenders, you can. FICO and VantageScore, the two most commonly used credit scoring models, give consumers a window of around 14 to 45 to compare rates this is known as rate shopping. All credit inquiries done between this period of time will show up on your file as one item.



    Foreclosure can also cause a credit score to drop substantially. According to FICO, a score can drop up to 100 points from a foreclosure, depending on the consumers starting score. Foreclosures stay on your record for seven years.





    Refrain From Applying For And Opening New Credit Accounts

    NEVER PAY COLLECTIONS! | How to Remove from Credit Report for Free

    Each time you apply for new credit, a hard inquiry is generated and your score drops by two to five points, and credit inquiries remain on your credit report for two years. This may not seem like a huge drop, but could quickly add up if you apply for several credit cards at once. The exceptions to the rule are secured credit cards and credit builder loans, which are geared towards consumers with less than perfect credit. More on the that shortly.

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    Im Better Now But How Do I Stay Fiscally Fit

    My credit report get healthier and stronger. I resolved to keep my credit in the green. I never wanted to see my score surrounded by a yellow, orange or red circle ever again.

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has some great strategies for keeping you out of trouble with credit. Most of them follow the laws of common sense.

    Make On-Time Payments

    The biggest factor in your credit score is always going to be payment history. You need to make your payments on time everymonth. With todays ebanking and autopay options, its not a bad idea to set up automatic payments. That way, you dont have to worry about forgetting if a bill is lost in the mail or if you just get too busy with life.

    Keep Your Credit Utilization Ratio under 30%

    You should also be careful to avoid maxing out your debt limits. Its never a good idea to utilize all of your debt capacity. Most credit experts would advise you to stay under 30% of your available credit. That is the debt utilization ratio equivalent of 100% on-time payments.

    Limit Credit Inquiries

    While not a significant component in the overall scoring formula, the number of does have an impact on your credit score. You may want to limit the amount of loan shopping especially if you arent all that serious about the loan.

    Keep Aged Accounts Active

    Monitor Your Credit

    Identity theft is also an increasing concern, so its always a good idea to monitor your credit. Ensure nobody is out opening loans and lines of credit in your name.

    Derogatory Mark: Missed Payments

    If you are at least 30 days late, expect a derogatory mark on your credit report. Missed payments typically stay on your credit reports for 7½ years from the date the account was first reported late. The later the payment goes moving to 60 days late, 90 days late and so on the greater the damage to your credit scores.

    What to do: Pay your bill as soon as you can afford to. If youve never or rarely been late before, you might be able to get the creditor to drop the late fee. Call the customer service number, explain your oversight and ask if the fee can be removed. You can also write a goodwill letter. If paying the bill is not an option, call your creditor and let them know about your financial situation to see if you can work out a hardship plan.

    The negative effect on your credit scores will fade over time. Try to stay on top of all your payments so positive information in your credit reports dilutes the effect of the missed payment.

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