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How To Dispute A Hospital Bill On Credit Report

Make A Deal With The Collection Agency

How to dispute medical bills on credit report

If a debt collector contacts you, offer to pay right away with the contingency that they dont report it or remove it from your credit report. Hopefully, you can work out a plan to pay the debt and get back on track, even if it takes a while.

You want to avoid having any medical collection accounts appear on your credit report at all costs. Not only are they difficult to remove once they are on there, just one medical item can drop your credit score by as much as 100 points.

Pay Your Bills Monthly

When you first receive a bill and cant pay it off right away, contact the medical provider to determine if you can sign up for a monthly payment plan.

Payment plans with hospitals and doctors offices typically dont charge interest. And they usually wont send the medical debt to a collection agency if you make regular payments.

You can also consider applying for a low interest personal loan if your provider doesnt offer monthly payments. Of course, its never ideal to have to pay interest on top of the principal balance, but it could prevent you from having the collection account go into delinquency and showing up on your credit report.

Do You Qualify For Medical Debt Forgiveness

Many hospitals and clinics offer some type of medical debt forgiveness program. In fact, Ive used this type of program myself. Shortly after I was newly and unexpectedly divorced, I ended up needing emergency gallbladder removal surgery.

After health insurance covered their portion, I was left with over $5,000 in out-of-pocket expenses. I worked hard to whittle down the expenses, but I wasnt getting very far.

Thats when I learned about medical debt forgiveness. I called the hospital that performed the surgery and asked if they had a medical debt forgiveness program. They did.

There were certain income and other qualifications one had to meet to qualify for the program. As a stay-at-home mom with limited income, I knew I might qualify.

The process of applying for the hospitals debt forgiveness program was a bit tedious. There were forms to fill out and there was information to verify. In fact, I had to try a couple of times to complete the application process properly. But after the board assessed my application, they forgave all $2,000+ that I owed the hospital. What a relief!

If youre struggling with medical debt, call the hospital or clinic you owe money to and see if they have a medical debt forgiveness program. They might not, or you might not qualify, but it sure doesnt hurt to try.

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Using Credit Cards To Pay A Debt

Using a credit card for medical debt is the last resort of last resorts.

Only use credit cards to consolidate medical debt if you can pay the credit card bills promptly. If you cant, first discuss whether the medical provider might offer an interest-free payment plan, which would be more manageable than a credit card debt that accrues interest.

Some patients opt to use medical credit cards, which are like conventional cards but are designed exclusively for medical expenses. Application forms are sometimes available in doctors offices.

Before applying for a medical card, especially one that advertises no interest on balances, carefully review the terms. You probably will discover that the no-interest grace period ends in several months and the interest rate charged after that is quite high.

Get Your Insurance To Pay

Dispute Letter Sample

Maybe your health insurance company was supposed to pay for a procedure and the bill slipped through the cracks, landing in collections. If this is the case, contact your insurance company about the debt. Medical collections accounts paid by insurance are immediately removed from your credit report.

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The Medical Debt Collector Is Reporting On My Credit

If the Medical Debt Collector is reporting negative information on your credit , write down the name of the Debt Collector and the name of the original creditor or medical center. Write down the original balance and the current balance . Go to the part of the report that says inquiries. If you see any Inquiries from any Debt Collectors, write it down. All this information is important and will be used to help get this account deleted from your credit report. *When we work with clients, we collect this same information for our Fair Credit Reporting Act Attorney to review. He finds all the violations and forces the Debt Collector to remove the account and pay a settlement to YOU!

How To Get Medical Bills Removed From Your Credit Report

We all know that a large medical bill is one of the most inconvenient and stressful financial burdens you can possibly have in todays economy. Right as youre in the process of recovering from a serious illness or injury, youre forced to contend with a hefty bill that can single-handedly undermine a budget. And while some people have the rainy day funds necessary to pay off those debts, there are still millions of Americans who do not have the financial resources to take care of their medical bills any time soon. As a result, many people who recently had medical emergencies are declaring bankruptcy just so they can get out of debt.

Out of the many impacts that come with unpaid medical bills, damage to your credit score is one of the most consequential. Technically, a medical bill can not be included in your credit report, but once your account remains unresolved after 180 days, the owner of the debttypically, a hospital or a doctors officecan sell the outstanding amount to a debt collector. At that point, the debt collector can report your debt as delinquent to all three credit agencies, thereby harming your credit score.

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Does Paying Off Medical Collections Improve Credit

It’s always best to pay off legitimate medical debt. When you or your insurance company pay off a medical bill that was in collections, the account will be updated to show it has been paid. That can have an immediate positive impact on your credit, but it won’t necessarily boost your scores. Why?

FICO® 9, the newest FICO® credit scoring model, and VantageScore® 3.0 and 4.0, the newest VantageScore credit scoring models, ignore collection accounts that have been paid, so when your medical debt is paid off, these scores may improve.

Older versions of credit scoring models are still commonly used, however, and they do typically continue to factor paid collections into your scores. If the lenders you plan to do business with use an older credit score model, paying off your medical debt may still improve your chances of being approved for credit, even if it doesn’t increase your credit scores. That’s because a paid collection account is typically viewed more favorably than an unpaid one. However, since there’s no way to be sure which credit scoring model a lender uses to evaluate your creditworthiness, your best strategy is to never let a medical bill get to the collections stage.

Do Medical Bills In Collections Ever Go Away

How Do I Dispute Medical Bills On My Credit Report

After seven years, medical collections will drop off your credit reports, even if you havent paid them off.

But your credit reports may not be your only concern.

In addition to reporting your past-due medical bill to the credit bureaus, the collections agency could also take you to court to recover the money you owe. They usually have between three and six years before the statute of limitations expires, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

If you cant afford to repay your medical expenses, you could file for bankruptcy protection. But this should be a last resort.

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What Happens When A Medical Bill Goes To Collections

If youve got medical bills you havent paid, hospitals, clinics, and doctors might have their billing departments work to get you to pay. But what if you cant or wont pay. Or the doctor or clinic cant reach you. Maybe they have incorrect contact information and letters and phone calls go unanswered. What happens at that point?

Hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices dont typically report directly to credit bureaus. But eventually, they will likely send unpaid medical bills to collection agencies. The collection agencies will then attempt to get you to pay the medical bill.

If you still do not pay the medical bill or the collections agent cant reach you, the collection agency will report the unpaid item to credit bureaus.

And medical collections, like other collection items, do affect your credit report negatively. They can affect your ability to get credit, and they can affect the interest rate you pay when you get credit. Heres how long negative information stays on your credit.

Review Your Bill & Explanation Of Benefits

After getting stuck with a surprise medical bill, the first thing that you want to do is review the bill against your explanation of benefits. Youll probably receive a denial letter in the mail that looks something like this:

You may receive your denial notice before you even receive the bill from your doctors office, hospital, radiologist, etc.

Save this in a safe place for later.

The next thing that youre going to do is request a copy of the itemized bill from your providers office. For instance, I needed to call Vanderbilt and ask them for a copy of the bill for the treatment I received on September 21st.

Once you receive the bill and the denial letter, review both of them to get a better understanding of why they might have denied covering the cost.

Next, youre going to call your insurance company and ask them for an explanation of benefits. My insurance company sent me the EOB through a secure message on the patient portal.

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Medical Debt: What To Do When You Cant Pay

InvestopediaForbes AdvisorThe Motley Fool, CredibleInsider

Charles is a nationally recognized capital markets specialist and educator with over 30 years of experience developing in-depth training programs for burgeoning financial professionals. Charles has taught at a number of institutions including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Societe Generale, and many more.

People often feel ashamed of their medical debt, seeing it as their moral obligation to pay their bills and their personal failure when they cant afford them. What if you can’t pay your hospital bills? What if you have accumulated medical debt and have no way of paying it when it’s due? On both accounts, the consequences can be serious.

People may forego the care they need, including doctor appointments, tests, treatments, and prescription medications, reports the Kaiser Family Foundation , a health policy analysis nonprofit. They may struggle to pay other bills, deplete their long-term savings, damage their credit, and even declare bankruptcyall problems that can take years to overcome.

Have Mistakes Removed From Your Bill

How medical bills affect your credit score

Most people donât look too closely at their medical bills. The line items can be overwhelming, and the total doesnât matter as much as the post-insurance balance. So, itâs the bottom line that gets most of the attention. Thatâs an understandable approach, but it can also be a serious mistake. Billing errors happen, and identifying them can save you money.

When you receive your medical bills:

  • Request an itemized bill if the bill you receive is just a summary.

  • Review the bill carefully for charges you donât recognize – medical billing is complicated, and a simple typo can mean that youâre charged for the wrong test or for a medication you didnât receive.

  • Compare the bill with the explanation of benefits from your health insurance company to make sure they match up.

If you find a problem, take action. If the bill from your medical provider contains errors, doesnât give you full credit for payments made by your insurer, or fails to reflect in-network discounts, contact the provider and ask them to revise the bill. If you canât get help from the billing office, ask whether the facility has a patient advocate you can speak with.

If the problem is that your insurance company hasnât paid for services that should have been covered, you can appeal the denial. But, the timeframe granted for appeal is usually limited, so itâs important to review bills and EOBs as they arrive and be sure to act before the deadline if you find a mistake.

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General Notes Before Disputing A Medical Bill

Before we dive in on the step-by-step way to dispute a medical bill, there are some general notes I want to cover first.

When disputing a bill, it’s important that you do your research and understand what happened and what’s going on. That way you can help troubleshoot the problem without passing blame. Customer service reps will be much happier to work with you if you adapt this approach.

Second, realize that mistakes will happen. Even if 99.999% of medical bills are done correctly, there will still be errors. People still process these. Be sympathetic up front to this.

Third, take diligent notes of all your conversations and encounters throughout the process. You should record conversations if possible , and get things in writing. At a minimum, I recommend:

  • Date and Time
  • Who you spoke to
  • Details of the conversations
  • Commitments from the company/individual with specific timelines to follow up
  • If on a cell phone, screenshot your phone at the end of the conversation to highlight the phone number you called, and the length of time you were on the call. If you can’t do this, keep your phone statement with the call.

If you’re mailing documents or doing any written correspondence, I recommend:

  • Ensuring you keep a copy of everything you send, with date mailed
  • Send all mail certified mail with return receipt – put the return receipt with your copies of what you sent so you have proof they received it

How To Prevent Medical Bills From Appearing On Your Credit Reports

Being proactive is one of the best ways to prevent medical bills from appearing on your credit reports. By reviewing each medical bill and working out a payment plan with the health care provider, you may avoid the collections process altogether. Consider taking the following steps recommended by the CFPB.

1. Review Every Medical Bill

If you donât understand some of the charges or you believe thereâs an error, contact the provider. Ask them to explain each part of the statement or ask for an itemized bill to check how much you were charged for each service.

2. Check Whether Health Insurance Will Pay

Ask the health care provider whether theyâve requested payment from your health insurance company. They may have mistakenly sent you a bill before running it through insurance.

3. Pay the Bill

Once you understand the charges and youâve confirmed youâre responsible for the balance, itâs best to pay the bill by the due date. Keep documentation of your payment, and make sure itâs processed.

4. Create a Payment Plan With the Provider

If you canât pay the entire medical bill at once, your medical provider might be willing to set up a payment plan or lower the amount due if you contact them before itâs turned over to a collection agency. Before agreeing to a payment plan, make sure itâs realistic for your budget. Get details of the agreement in writing, then pay the installments on time.

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How To Help Get Medical Bills Off Your Credit Reports

There are two main ways to get medical bills off your credit reports. You can dispute an inaccurate item or wait for a collection account to fall off your reports.

Dispute the Medical Bill

Some medical collections accounts may have errors. If thatâs the case, contact your health care provider or collection agency first. You can also file a dispute with each credit bureau that lists the incorrect information. Itâs free to file, but you may need to show why you believe thereâs an error, according to Experian. This may include:

  • Records from the collection agency.
  • Documents from your insurance company or medical provider.
  • Documents that show the bill has been paid, such as copies of a check or a credit card statement.

If the dispute is settled in your favor, the credit bureau will update or remove the collection account from your credit report. According to Experian, the three major credit bureaus will remove a medical debt reported by a collection agency if you can show that your health insurance company paid the bill.

Wait for the Item to Fall Off

If the collection account isnât an error and shows your unpaid debt, the item can remain on your report for up to seven years.

But, in the meantime, you might be able to reduce the impact to your credit. Call the collection agency to ask how you can pay the bill.

S To Take Before Paying Your Medical Bill


Medical bills often contain several errors, and patients end up paying huge medical expenses. Moreover, insurance providers usually deny claims mistakenly. Therefore, it is important that you take adequate measures to avoid paying huge medical bills that you do not owe. Here are some steps to take before paying your medical bills:

  • Check your insurance information to ensure that your medical bill is accurate and was processed by your provider.
  • Compare your medical bill to the Explanation of Benefits to verify that the amount on your invoice is the same amount your insurance provider says you owe.
  • Ask for an itemized statement of the medical bills to ensure that you are paying for the treatments or medical services you received.
  • Check the codes on your medical bills to ensure that your provider is only paying for the treatments or medical services you received.
  • If the medical bill is more than what you can afford, try to negotiate a reduction in your medical debt with the provider or propose a payment plan that is workable for you.
  • Take preemptive actions to settle your medical bills or dispute any errors you notice in your report.

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