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How Long Do Judgements Stay On Credit Report

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How Long Does a Judgement Stay On Your Credit Report

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How Long Does Chapter 7 Judgment Stay On Credit Report

Chapter 7s can stay on your credit reports for up to ten years from the date you filed. Currently, civil judgments do not appear on your credit reports at all. Yet this change was due to a settlement the credit bureaus made . The FCRA still allows judgments to remain on credit reports for seven years from the filing date.

Get The Court To Validate The Judgment

Start by contacting the court directly. This means you need to actually write a validation request letter to the court that issued the civil judgment. The purpose is to have them verify that the judgment and all the relevant details listed on your credit report are accurate.

If the court cant do this or simply doesnt bother, as is often the case, you can request to have the listing removed by the credit reporting agencies. Just be sure to keep copies of all your correspondence sent and received so you can back up your case.

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Confusion With The Statute Of Limitations

There’s another time period that applies to debts, the statute of limitations. This time limit varies by state and limits the amount of time a creditor or collector can use the court to force you to pay a debt – if you can prove that the statute of limitations has passed. The statute of limitations is typically separate from the credit reporting time limit. The debt may continue to be listed on your credit report even though the statute of limitations has passed, particularly if the statute of limitations is less than seven years.

What Is A Judgment

How Long Does a Judgement Stay On Your Credit Report

A judgment is a court order that results from a lawsuit. Only civil judgments are reported to the credit bureaus. These types of judgments are court rulings that pertain to the repayment of a debt. When you owe a creditor money and don’t pay it, the creditor can try to recover it by going to court and suing you for it.

When a creditor sues for the money you owe, the court decides on the merits of the case. If a judge rules against you, the decision becomes a judgment against you. In the case that the judge decides you owe money, they can:

  • Order wage garnishment
  • Order you to come up with a payment plan with the lender
  • Allow the lender to attach liens to your property in order to recover their money

No matter what happens with a judgment, you’re forced to pay back what you owe because of the court order.

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How Long Does a Judgement Stay On Your Credit Report

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Can A Judgement Be Put On Your Credit Report

If the court rules in their favor, they bring a judgment against you. Like a collection, its a negative hit to your credit. Today, judgments dont show on your credit report. While they are public record, the National Consumer Assistance Plan made it illegal to report judgments on credit reports in most situations.

The credit reporting agencies do not maintain the reporting of vacated judgments, or at least theyre not supposed to do so. Reporting a judgment that has been vacated is like saying something happened that didnt actually happen and you can make the argument that its incorrect credit reporting.

What Happens To A Judgement After 10 Years

How Long Does a Judgment Stay on Your Credit Report ...

California state court money judgments automatically expire 10 years after they become final. … If these forms are timely filed and served, the judgment is renewed for another 10 years. It is commonly believed that if a judgment creditor misses the 10 year deadline, the judgment is extinguished and is unenforceable.

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    How Long Do Judgments Stay On My Credit Report

    Just like consumer credit, court-ordered debt could stay on your credit report up to seven years if you dont take action to remove it.

    If the debt is yours, the court case was handled properly, and theres no way you could afford to pay off the unsatisfied judgment, and it pre-dates the NCAP new practices, you may eventually give up and deal with bad credit for up to seven years. People do this all the time.

    But these kinds of negative items can make it nearly impossible to get a car loan, a mortgage, or even a student loan in some cases. New credit checks dont always ask deep questions. Potential lenders just see your FICO number and make a decision.

    If you can get the court order removed by appealing or seeking validation of the debt, you should do so. And chances are good you can. Your personal finance life will be so much easier if you do. Interest rates on bad credit loans are punitive, to say the least.

    What Should I Do Next Time If A Debt Collector Sues Me

    How Long Does a Judgment Stay On Your Credit Report

    If you get sued, you will need to pay the debt quickly or appear before a judge in court. The worst thing you can do is ignore the lawsuit. However, thats precisely what most people do, so usually, the creditor wins by default as the defendant doesnt show up for court.

    If you dont show up or lose your case in court, a civil judgment will be issued against you. Typically you will be penalized by having a tax lien placed upon your house or having your wages garnished.

    In some cases, you may even be forced to forfeit your belongings. These side effects are even more severe than the damage done to your credit score, so you really need to address the lawsuit, get legal help, and show up in court. Otherwise, you have a long, hard road to financial recovery ahead of you.

    It never hurts to talk to a legal professional ahead of time to explore your options. But, at the very least, you need to attend your hearing, so you dont automatically give up your rights to a fair trial.

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    Vacated Judgments And Credit Reporting

    How Long Does a Judgement Stay On Your Credit Report

    If a consumer appeals a previously filed judgment theres a chance they can have it vacated. When a court vacates a judgment, it is as if the judgment never existed.

    Thankfully for consumers, the credit bureaus will delete vacated judgments from credit reports. Vacated judgments are recorded as such in court records so its not hard for the credit bureaus to confirm the new status.

    Or, if youre able to get a copy of the vacate order you can provide a copy to the credit reporting agencies and speed up the process. If you are able to get a judgment vacated then you can dispute the status of the judgment with the credit bureaus and ask them to delete it from your credit reports.

    If youve got it then be sure to include proof that the judgment was vacated with your disputes, although this is not required. Also, be sure to dispute the judgment with each credit bureau that is reporting the item.

    If you are unsure which credit bureaus are currently reporting the judgment then you can always obtain free copies of all 3 of your credit reports each year at

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    The Types Of Judgments:

    • Unsatisfied Judgments: If a judge orders you to repay and you havent done so, the judgment is unsatisfied. Unsatisfied judgments wreak significant havoc on your credit score!
    • Satisfied Judgments: If youve made arrangements to pay off the court-ordered debt or have paid it off already you have a satisfied judgment. This still hurts your credit because you had an account go into the legal system before paying it very costly for the debt collector.
    • Vacated Judgments: If youve successfully appealed a judges decision, youll have a vacated judgment which is a great outcome. The credit bureaus will have to remove it from your credit history.
    • Renewed Judgments: If you get a judgment vacated and the debt collector decides to sue you again, you may have a renewed judgment on your credit report.
    • Default Judgment: If you dont appear in court after being sued, a judge could issue a default judgment that looks bad on your credit. Be sure to answer all court summons to avoid this kind of judgment. You could ask a judge to remove the default after the fact but its a tough sell.

    Once again, the NCAP changes have made civil judgments less likely to stick to your credit reports public records section. But if you cant get the negative item removed through invalidation, try to get a satisfaction of the judgment or a vacated judgment.

    How Long Does A Judgment Stay On My Credit Report

    I have a judgment on my credit report and Iâm really worried that it will affect me in all sorts of bad ways. How long will I have to worry about the judgment on my credit report?

    seven to 10 yearsfile for renewaldispute the judgment

    • Your identity was stolen.
    • The debt has already been paid or another error was made.
    • The lender has gone out of business.

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    Have Credit Repair Company Remove The Judgment

    How long do evictions stay on your credit report? | Lexington Law

    If youre unable to find inaccurate information or just dont want to deal with the court system yourself, the easiest and quickest way to remove a civil judgment is to have a professional work on your case.

    work with credit reporting agencies on your behalf removing inaccuracies and disputing negative items from your credit history.

    Within a couple months you could have your credit score back where it belongs.

    These firms do charge monthly fees and a set-up fee. But for many consumers, this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you get with a pro on your team.

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