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Do Hard Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score

How Do Hard Credit Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score

Soft Pull vs Hard Pull On Your Credit Score? || Do Soft Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score? || FAQs

When you let a bank or lender do a hard credit check on your credit report, what does that mean for that all-important, three-digit numberâa.k.a your credit score?

And how long do hard inquiries stay on your credit report? Are you permanently branded a credit-checker?

Hereâs what you need to know:

When a lender hard pulls your credit, your credit score will take a small hit regardless of whether youâve been approved or declined. According to FICO, credit inquiries tend to correlate with higher risk borrowersâand your credit score will reflect that correlation.

Why do credit inquiries correlate with riskier borrowers?

Itâs hard to pay off debt. And as you open more and more new credit accounts , it becomes less and less likely that youâll be able to pay off each and every one of your existing credit accounts. And because a credit inquiry comes along with each new credit account you open, credit inquiries are the signal that indicate youâre opening a lot of new accounts.

Back to the issue credit inquiries staying on your credit report.

All in, donât worryâcredit inquiries donât impact your credit score that much.

So, if thereâs a credit inquiry thatâs on your credit report, donât panicâit doesnât have a huge impact on your credit score. According to Tina Hay, CEO of Napkin Finance, âA hard credit pull can take off several points from your credit score, but itâs typically a 1 to 5 point impact.â

Two Types Of Credit Inquiries

There are two basic types of credit inquiries and they’re each treated differently when it comes to your credit score.

Inquiries that are made because of an application you’ve made are known as “hard” inquiries. These are the only credit inquiries that count toward your credit score. For example, an inquiry made when you apply for a credit card or loan will appear on your credit report and can affect your credit score.

In reviewing your credit report, you might notice that several inquiries appear from businesses to which you didnt apply for credit. These are often from businesses who’ve checked your credit report because they want to offer goods and services to you. For example, creditors who send pre-approved credit card offers have often checked your credit report first to see if you meet the basic criteria for the credit card. These “soft” inquiries count toward your credit score.

You can opt-out of prescreened credit card offers by visiting

The version of your credit report that you see includes all inquiries made into your credit report within the past 24 months older inquiries drop off after 24 months. Only hard inquiries appear on the version of your credit report that lenders and creditors view.

What To Remember When You Are Rate Shopping

If you need a loan, do your rate shopping within a focused period such as 30 days. FICO Scores distinguish between a search for a single loan and a search for many new credit lines, in part by the length of time over which the inquiries occur.

When you look for new credit, only apply for and open new credit accounts as needed. And before you apply, it’s good practice to review your credit report and FICO Scores to know where you stand. Viewing our own information will not affect your FICO Scores.

As a general rule, it is OK to apply for credit when needed. Be mindful of this information so you can start the credit-seeking process with more confidence.

Estimate your FICO Score range

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Can I Avoid Hard Pulls When Applying For A Credit Card

Yes, some people have luck avoiding hard pulls when they apply for credit cards by utilizing something called the shopping cart trick. You can read more about how this trick works here.

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Exceptions To The Impact On Your Credit Scores

Why Do Hard Inquiries Hurt Your Credit Score? (Answered ...

If you’re shopping for some types of loans, such as a mortgage loan, multiple inquires for the same purpose within a certain period of time are generally counted as one inquiry. The timeframes may vary, but range from 14 days to 45 days, depending on the credit scoring model being used. All inquiries will show on your credit reports, but generally only one within the specified period of time will impact your credit scores. This exception does not apply to credit cards.

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New Credit Inquiries Can Raise Red Flags For Lenders

What creditors like to see are consumers who pay their bills on time and as agreed. They also like to see low credit usage relative to your credit limits . These two areas payment history and credit utilization make up 65 percent of a persons credit score.

The remaining 35 percent is length of credit history at 15 percent, at 10 percent, and finally new credit at 10 percent. Why should the 10 percent from new credit and inquiries make that much difference to a would-be creditor? Ill tell you.

Its because a hard inquiry injects an amount of uncertainty in your file. Why did you apply for new credit? Are you going to max out the new credit line? Is the new credit a sign of instability? These are all potential red flags for a lender.

When the credit scoring elves at FICO and VantageScore look at this new activity on your file their historical algorithms tell them that a certain percentage of people really do max out their new lines and some even go into default in a year or two. So, until you demonstrate that you are a still wise credit user, your score declines. This drop is more pronounced in a file with less credit history.

In my first book, Credit Repair Kit for Dummies, I point out that one inquiry may have no effect on your score at all and, in general, only takes five points or less off a mature score. But lots of inquiries can signal greater risk to the creditors.

Finding The Best Loan

If you are looking at taking out a loan, then it is a good idea to check your credit score first and see where you stand. You can consult the experts at Clean Credit to clean up any negatives against your name that shouldnt be there. This can give you your best chance of taking out a loan. Once you are ready to go, be sure to shop around in a short period to ensure it doesnt affect your credit score in the process.

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Why Do Credit Card Issuers Pull My Credit Report Every Month

Whether you realize it or not your credit reports are likely scrutinized often by your credit card issuers and not just when you initially apply for an account. It is common practice for many credit card issuers to review the credit reports of their customers every single month.

As a consumer, it may seem unfair for a credit card company to routinely monitor your credit reports, especially if you are maintaining on-time monthly payments. But changes to your credit history can be an indicator of increased risk. Those changes can help a card issuer detect a potential problem before theres an actual delinquency on a specific account you already have established with a bank.

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How Credit Inquiries Impact Your Credit Score

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Do Mortgage Quotes Affect Credit Scores

  • You can request free mortgage quotes from lenders without them pulling credit
  • This will have absolutely no effect on your credit scores since youre only giving them a verbal estimate
  • They may tell you that your credit scores could differ but its a perfectly fine starting point
  • Once youve gathered several quotes you can take things a step further and let them run your credit if you wish to move forward

Weve discussed mortgage inquiries, but what about simple mortgage quotes?

Well, as long as the lender doesnt actually pull your credit, or uses a service that only results in a soft inquiry, it wont affect your credit in the slightest.

Assuming youre just calling around and comparing rates from lender to lender, or broker to broker, your credit will remain untouched.

Theres nothing wrong with just giving these folks a ballpark FICO score and seeing what rates they quote you.

Sure, your actual credit scores may fluctuate if and when you apply, but its pretty easy to check your credit for free these days and use that as an estimate.

Your actual scores shouldnt be too different since these free services come straight from the credit bureaus, so this is a fine alternative to shop without letting lenders dig into your actual credit report and scores.

Once you have a better idea of which mortgage lender you want to move forward with, you can let them pull your actual credit report and lock in pricing.

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Hard Inquiries Vs Soft Inquiries

The essential difference between a hard inquiry and a soft inquiry is whether or not you gave the lender permission to check your credit report.

Generally speaking, if you let a lender scrutinize your credit report, its a hard inquiry. If a lender or bank peers into your credit report without your knowledge or permission, its a soft inquiry.

As far as your credit score is concerned, soft inquiries are harmless and will mostly go unnoticed. Hard inquiries, however, can leave a mark on your credit report, especially for anyone rapidly applying for credit in a short time span.

How Many Hard Inquiries Is Too Many

How Much Do Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score

The effect of a hard inquiry on your credit scores ultimately depends on your overall credit health. In general, adding one or two hard inquiries to your credit reports could lower your scores by a few points, but its unlikely to have a significant impact.

Having a lot of hard inquiries within a short time frame though will likely have a greater impact on your scores. This is because lenders and in effect, credit-scoring models look at multiple credit applications in a short amount of time as a sign of risk. Though there can be exceptions when youre shopping for specific types of loans, like car loans, student loans or mortgages.

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What Is A Hard Credit Check

A hard credit check is when a lender pulls your credit report because youve applied for new credit, such as a credit card, a car loan, a home loan or an increase to an existing line of credit. Hard credit checks can affect your credit score because seeking new credit can make you seem like more of a risk to lenders, who may worry about your ability to pay back the debt.

How Long Do Hard Inquiries Stay On A Credit Report

Hard inquiries typically stay on your credit report for two years but some credit reporting bureaus may not factor it into your score after a year. You may also find that some credit scoring companies only consider hard inquiries from the past twelve months.

Are you comparing rates for auto loans, credit cards or more? When hard inquiries are pulled during a short period amount of time, credit reporting agencies generally recognize this as one event.

Unlike a soft inquiry, a hard inquiry should not be performed without your consent. If you’ve noticed a recent hard inquiry that you did not authorize, you can reach out to your credit reporting bureau. Once you contact them, you can find out more information on how to file a report and start the process of removing that inquiry from your report.

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How Do Inquiries For Mortgages Auto Loans And Other Loans Impact Your Credit Score

Hard credit inquiries, like other information on your credit reports, are seen by the major consumer credit scoring models, FICO® and VantageScore®. Having multiple hard inquiries within a short period of time can be predictive of credit risk, so having too many inquiries for different types of credit can result in a lower credit score.

While all hard inquiries resulting from loan applications were once considered separate events by credit scoring models, that hasn’t been the case for many years. FICO® and VantageScore have evolved in their treatment of multiple inquiries as a way to avoid unfairly penalizing a consumer for being a smart rate shopper.

In the contemporary versions of FICO®’s credit scores, for example, hard inquiries related to mortgage, auto loan and student loan applications are entirely ignored for 30 days from the date of the inquiry. So if you settle on a loan during that 30-day time period, your scores will not be affected by inquiries.

After those inquiries have aged past 30 days, they still may not be counted as independent inquiries by credit scoring models. That’s because FICO® considers similar loan-related inquiries that have occurred within 45 days of each other as a single inquiry in the scoring process.

In VantageScore’s credit scoring systems, all hard inquiries that occur within 14 days of each other are considered as one inquiry for the scoring process. This applies to all hard inquiries, regardless of the lender.

How Do Hard Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score

How long does a “hard pull” affect your credit score?

Typically, when someone does a hard inquiry on your credit, your credit score will drop by five to 10 points. This number can be even lower than five points depending on various elements that constitute your credit report, such as your history of repayment, credit utilization, and so forth.

According to FICO, a credit inquiry results in less than five points for most consumers. The better your credit history, the fewer points will be taken from your credit score. Moreover, a credit score drop is not permanent, and it will increase again within a few months if you take care of your finances.

How Long Do Hard Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score?

Hard inquiries show on your credit report for two years, but they wont impact your credit score after one year or less. If you pay your bills on time and responsibly manage your finances, you can expect a credit score increase already a few months after a hard credit check, unless you authorize another hard credit check during this period, of course.

In most cases, credit scoring models wont show the impact of hard inquiries after a year, but if it happens or you cant wait for hard inquiries to disappear from your account, you can opt for . Credit repair companies work on removing hard inquiries and increase your credit score faster.

Do Hard Inquiries Always Impact Your Credit Score?

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Find A Lender To Secure The Funding You Need

If you are worried about lenders pulling your credit and affecting your score, let Lendio help. We can help you find willing lenders who offer favorable rates so you dont have to meet with multiple banks or credit companies. By starting your relationship with the right bank, you can limit the number of hard inquiries that come with shopping around for loans.

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